Our Journey towards a Simpler Life || Part 4

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When we settled into our little cabin, I felt peace. I fell into full nesting mode, and prepared for our ninth blessing to be born. I also grieved our firstborn going away to college. I’m sure some of you mamas can relate!

We prepped our room to welcome a new little one, and cleared out a drawer or two for “new to us” baby clothes. So many family members blessed us with hand me downs! I also washed up a good bit of cloth diapers. Unfortunately after a month or so of use, my little guy contracted repeated yeast diaper rashes and so we have switched to disposables.

My heart was focused on home and simplicity. We tried to figure out how to maximize our space to garden. Some of our garden was a success, some was not. I still plugged away, trying to do what I could to grow some of our own food.
I started to become aware of pandemic worries in January 2020. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but my heart yearned for more garden and livestock space. We had a few chickens, but I felt like we needed more. We bought a dozen chicks, while hoping that the neighbors wouldn’t mind, ha! Even though we had just paid off our house, I didn’t feel like this was going to work out long term. We prayerfully began to consider going back to our first “plan,” to use the cabin as a rental.

Not long thereafter, we received an anonymous letter in the mail complaining about our Great Pyrenees. That very day we decided to take the leap and call a realtor about a home that had caught our eye. It was a 1920s farmhouse on 30 acres. The acreage was lovely, but the home was in rough shape. We were outbid after placing our highest offer. I was a bit disappointed, but knew it just wasn’t God’s will.

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Soon after, a 1990s ranch with a full basement on five acres hit the market. I was intrigued immediately because this house was on the market when we were moving to the area originally, but we weren’t able to see it. We saw it, and put in an offer, on the next day. We went under contract at a $232,500 purchase price.

Ladies, this home needed a lot of work. But I believe our downsizing and commitment to living simply helped me to not be scared away. We are living in it while completing renovations, and my mother in law sold her home and has moved into our cabin. Her plan is to finish a space for herself in our basement shortly.

After our mother in law moves out of our cabin, we aren’t sure what to do. We can definitely rent the home, but we are also considering selling it to pay off our current place, or buy an even bigger piece of land for far away plans. I love our cabin so much, though. I have dreams of going there with our grandchildren, and I’m not sure I want to let it go! Again, we are really praying about it.

We are more rural now, tucked only a couple of miles from the Tennessee border. We have our privacy back, praise God! We are starting an orchard, and have a garden plot planned out. I feel so incredibly blessed, ladies.

You can now find me making sourdough bread or dehydrating herbs in the kitchen if not overseeing homeschool work or sewing something for my Etsy shop. I much prefer the spending time outdoors to any other pursuit. Most things in my closet are at least five years old, and I’d much rather spend our money on plants than new shoes.

The Lord has been good as He has led me along this path. To Him be all the glory and praise.

Have you considered living more simply? I would love to encourage you to do so. There are such blessings here. When we slow down, the ordinary things begin to shine. There is so much beauty in the simple life.

Blessings, ladies!

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