Enjoying Our Renovation Journey

Looking out the window, I see a small open field. A downed tree juts into the grass, sticking out of the wood line like a sore thumb. One more thing to clean up, but thankfully our children enjoy playing on it’s branches.

Near the back of the open expanse, I spot the few trees we recently planted. It’s a start…but not quite the orchard I had in mind. Right now our bank account doesn’t seem to match the speed I would like to get projects done. And the project list seems neverending.

I am so tempted to complain, ladies. I feel like our wheels have been spinning, but our progress on this home place is just so slow. I’m tired of the process, and just want to “arrive.” I would love to own a home with siding that matches, surrounded by gardens and animals. But that simply isn’t our reality right now.

It is so easy to forget that the Lord has brought us to this unique journey, and there is joy to be found here. Yes, here. Yes, now. I must remember that we are blessed to be here, deep in the mess of life. He is so good, and will meet us here.

I must admit that I was discouraged yesterday. We stopped by Home Depot to pick up water sealer for our basement, and spent $377.00. While planning our home renovation, I thought we would be done in August. Now it is October, and we are still plugging alone. Disappointment has creeped in. Each week more funds are needed for our renovations, and all I want to do is start saving again. Everything costs more than expected, just about.

We keep moving forward because we believe this place is worth it. It has such potential. And if God has brought us here, we want to be good stewards of it.

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During this journey I’m learning lessons of patience and perseverance. Contentment and faithfulness. Sometimes I wonder, “Haven’t I learned all of the necessary lessons yet, Lord?” His answer is a gentle “no,” and we keep on going.

He is faithful in the hard times, and in the easy times. He is faithful if our bank account is empty or full. He is there when we are tired, and is always willing to help in times of trouble.

We are determined to work on our home without accruing debt. While it would be so easy to take out a home equity loan to quickly knock out our projects, we are going slowly…which again, just builds my patience.

Ladies, we can rest assured that the lessons we learn during our journey will prepare us for the future, and they are worthwhile. Whether it be our own simple living journey (which sometimes seems anything but simple!), or whatever journey you may be embarking on in your own home.

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I think that it is helpful to remember that if our journey teaches us so much, there is joy to be found there. Goodness, simply remembering that we have been given breath and another day to live should bring us joy, shouldn’t it?

I hope your day is blessed, ladies. Let’s purpose in our hearts to enjoy the journey!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

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