A Traditional Rebel

After becoming a mother, I became heartbroken over the atrocity of abortion. I really didn’t realize the horrific magnitude of tiny lives being snuffed out until I had my own. Each of us are image bearers of God, and all little babies deserve a chance at life.

I decided to speak out about it. I started a website sharing information about prolife pregnancy centers. I also started blogging about the importance of choosing life, and the mercy of God.

While doing this, the Lord began to stir my heart about how I could live out my faith abundantly and authentically. I already had a large family, which was well, rebellious, in this day and age. I want to value what He values. Scripture clearly says that a full quiver of children is a blessing from the Lord. I am so grateful for the brood He has given me.

But I felt a tug to do more. While giving birth to a large family stands in opposition to abortion, returning to Biblical femininity does as well.

Walking out concepts like modesty, meekness, and a quiet spirit that are directly opposed to the selfish nature of the flesh (and abortion) is important. We have the opportunity to take a stand in our culture by doing these things with the Lord’s help.

It was not easy for me to become feminine instead of feminist at first. All of the negative influences in our culture tried to keep me in a place of bondage instead of experiencing the freedom found in truly living for the Lord.

When I returned to the traditions found in Scripture for women, I became a bit of a traditional rebel. Perhaps you have, too. I do stick out in our society today. And that’s okay. I hope that over time, more and more of us will return to the old paths, where the good way is.

With the Lord’s help, we can be the change that our society needs. Calmly and quietly, we can shine His light in the darkness.

Don’t let your beauty be external—braiding the hair and wearing gold jewelry or fine clothes. Instead let it be in the hidden person of the heart, with the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious. For this is the way the holy women, who put their hope in God, used to beautify themselves long ago—being submitted to their own husbands just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord. You have become her daughters by doing what is good and not fearing intimidation.

1 Peter 3:3‭-‬6

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