Ten Years of Wearing Skirts

For ten years now, I have worn modest skirts and dresses (and at times, long tunics) almost exclusively.

Why? Dressing this way definitely seems strange in this day and age!

Well, I’d love to share my reasons with you. It has been both fun and interesting to consider my purpose in doing this after ten years.

I’ve done it to be a small voice in the radical gender war assaulting our culture. I’ve done it because if God values femininity and a destinction in gender roles, than so do I.

Once I realized that women began wearing pants as an act of rebellion against God’s given gender roles, I decided to turn back the clock and choose skirts and dresses as my normal, everyday attire. Ladies, I was shocked when I realized how the push for women to wear pants was largely tied to both women and abortion rights activists.

An article titled, “The History of Women Wearing Pants as a Power Symbol” mentions:

“Clothes increasingly are becoming a frontier for political activism,” says McClendon. “We’re all becoming more aware of the power dynamics inherent in clothing.”

Clothing as political activism? Power dynamics inherent in clothing?

The secular world knows this to be true. I’ve realized we have been given the “power” to turn the tide as Christian ladies. Dressing modestly and femininely sends a “powerful” message to the culture, while at the same time being gentle and kind.

I’ve done it to be an example to my children. In our culture…in the here and now, skirts are distinctly feminine. I want to be as feminine as I can be when my children face an utterly confused world in terms of gender.

Over the course of ten years, I’ve seen some of my girls embrace it, and some not. It has made me question the practice to an extent, because I never would want clothing to cause a rift between myself and my older girls.

Oh, how I’ve prayed about it. But I’m continually led back to the fact that I believe the Lord has brought me to this. He wants me to do it! And this truth is simply enough.

I choose to wear modest skirts and dresses because it is a form of repentance for me. I used to be quite the immodest dresser, and the Lord called me from that. He said, “turn away”, and I did. The clothing I wear now is quite the opposite of what I wore when I had a rebellious heart. This is the true meaning of repentance, isn’t it?

I dress this way because I believe there are reasons to do so found in the Scriptures. I’ll link a few of my older posts about this topic below:

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So, After ten years, how do I feel about wearing modest skirts and dresses?

I feel content and confident, knowing that this is the path the Lord has set before me.

I feel comfortable, although I have felt like I stuck out in a crowd at times.

I feel more aware of my femininity, and think that wearing skirts has helped me to present myself as a lady in any situation.

Ladies, our culture is so dark. Stepping out in feminine, modest clothing each day is a way to shine light in our dark world.

It truly is!

And I believe I will continue on.

I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting; in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing.

I Timothy 2:8‭-‬9

8 thoughts on “Ten Years of Wearing Skirts

  1. Jessica Roldan says:

    Wonderful post, Nicole!

    For me, it’s been about nine years of wearing skirts and dresses only. The things that you said in your post are all things that I feel, too. Well said!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    WOW you have opened my eyes to the fact that I can do something about modesty. I had never even considered this idea.
    BUT…..Where do you find modest clothing like long skirts and dresses?
    I live in California and the ladies and the styles here are anything but modest.
    I would like do this and I’m going to pray about it. But on a practical level, I have no idea where to find modest clothing.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi, Elizabeth! Unfortunately, finding modest clothing is a struggle. Lately, I have had luck finding modest dresses on Amazon. I usually strike out at local stores.

  3. Sunshine says:

    I normally wear skirts, but when working around our homestead, I’ve lately donned jeans and scrubs for work.

    I used to only do skirts. It’s what my husband prefers, and I feel like it’s a way to honor him. But, I find that I grew to prefer skirts and dresses for most of the time. I feel feminine, and I do believe it quietly makes a statement.

    Practically, skirts are cooler in the summer and I can layer leggings underneath during the winter. It’s those in-between seasons that make it tricky.

    I will say that for some it becomes a status symbol of a particular religious ideology. Some look down on those who don’t wear skirts, so that’s not good. If we do it because God calls us to, we can let others follow their convictions too.

    When I see someone out and about dressed modestly, I do kind of feel drawn to them, believing that they have similar perspectives. But I want to always do it for the right reasons and dress to the glory of God!

    Bless you!
    Ridge Haven Homestead

  4. Terry Glaspell says:

    I first of all want to say I applaud you for your obedience to the Spirit and Word of God. I stumbled upon your Blog while searching out the Greek definition of Katastole, and I found more than I bargained for.
    I am a Pastor who teaches and my family lives a life of separation and modesty in dress and actions.
    My wife and two girls wear dresses/skirts exclusively and have done so their whole lives, and I wouldnt have it any other way.
    It goes back to the gender distinctions made in Genesis, the written law in Deut. 22:5 and all thr way into the new testament, and as the Bible says Holiness is Beautiful to the Lord.
    Keep pressing keep drawing nigh unto God and keep being a voice in the wilderness of this world. You are making a difference.

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