Our Simple Homeschool Schedule || Kindergarten

If I had a homeschool motto, it would be, “Point my children to God, love them well, and keep it simple.”

As much as I love intricate lesson plans, I’ve learned that we get so much more accomplished if I keep it simple. So that’s what I do.

I’ve been homeschooling in some form or fashion since 2003, and kindergarten is one of my favorite grades to teach. My kiddos are usually so eager to learn at this age!

I’d like to eventually go through each of my children’s schedules, to kind of give you an idea of how we do this homeschooling thing. In the higher grades, my children pretty much work independently. But in kindergarten, my children definitely need my attention.

Right now my daughter Mallory is in kindergarten. She usually loves to do her schoolwork, and brings me her books before I even get up in the morning most days, ha! Not all of my children have acted this way, though. No matter what, this is still my go-to schedule.

Our “traditional” school day lasts one hour, tops. But as a six year old, Mallory is a little sponge and learns so much even when we aren’t “officially” schooling. This is what we do:

1. She uses traditional workbooks for Language Arts and Mathematics. Typically I use Abeka products in kindergarten, minus the teacher guide. Most of my children have learned how to read using Abeka, and I’m pretty comfortable with it. I do switch to CLE or Masterbooks in 1st grade. We use CLE’s (Christian Light Education) kindergarten program for Pre-K. I have yet to try Masterbooks’ kindergarten curriculum, and would love to at some point.

2. I purchase a $4 handwriting workbook from Amazon to give her extra practice. A page each day will do.

3. She reads a few pages from Abeka’s “Handbook for Reading” each day. I don’t follow an official schedule, and I ask her to practice pages that correspond with what she has learned in her workbook.

4. She listens in to read alouds with her older sister and brother. We usually read the Miller series (I highly recommend these), CLE read alouds, and Bible stories. I also mix in traditional stories as well. (The Miller storybooks are amazing. They contain short stories about Biblical values written from a Mennonite perspective. The stories are engaging, and my children love them!)

5. We go on nature walks, and she listens in to her older siblings’ science and history work. This is not a requirement for Mallory, and she doesn’t always do this by any means. But more often then not, she is interested in what her siblings are doing.

6. I encourage lots of playtime. Children learn so much through pretend play. I try to fill our home with lots of opportunities for play, puzzles, etc. I also always keep a stack of computer paper and drawing utensils on hand. She loves to draw! She and her siblings enjoy watching drawing tutorials on YouTube.

7. I encourage responsibility through chores. Mallory collects eggs from our chickens and puts away unbreakable dishes. She also is responsible for keeping her hair brushed, brushing her teeth, and keeping her room clean along with her sisters.

That’s pretty much it!

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I also like to plan learning opportunities outside of the home at state parks and zoos.

In general, our kindergarten is pretty low key, but my children still learn so much. If I notice that my children don’t quite understand a concept, we simply take some extra time to study it out until it is well understood.

I really don’t sweat kindergarten. This is the time for our children to discover that learning is fun!

My other children are currently in second, fifth, ninth, and twelfth grade. I plan to post their schedule before long.

I am a busy mama, and if I can homeschool, I know you can to. The Lord has given us all we need to raise our children well! Homeschooling doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

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