A Homemaker’s Day || February 8, 2021

The day dawned early and bright, with excitement in the air. It was my son’s birthday! I could hear him up and chattering through my bedroom door. I smiled while talking to Moses and getting ready for the day.

The first order of business was bread! My husband enjoyed the sourdough loaf bread that I made last week, and I was determined to make another loaf. It’s times like these that I wish I had a stand mixer with a dough hook. Ten minutes of kneading firm dough by hand gave me quite the workout!

After leaving the dough to rise for the day, I made Moses’ cereal and fed the sweet little guy. I was interrupted with school work questions…we worked on long vowels, bar graphs, and seed identification. Maverick (the birthday boy) took pictures with his new camera and built a lego helicopter. He had the day off from schoolwork!

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By mid-morning, it was time to prep the dutch-oven bread that Maverick requested for dinner. Once that was done, I started load #1 of laundry for the day, and then took a few minutes outside to add bone meal around our onion starts.

Happy birthday, Maverick! He went with an animal conservation theme. His balloon banner was surprisingly easy to put together.

At lunchtime, I quickly sat down for a bowl of cereal before tying up loose homeschool ends. I moved laundry load #1 to the dryer, and then started load #2 in the washing machine. The children then began painting the birdhouses I picked up for them at Walmart over the weekend.

After a small lunch, it was time for Moses to take a nap. I stay with him while he’s napping, and it is so nice to relax and take care of any loose ends online. I worked on a blog post and watched a few new YouTube videos.

Once Moses awoke from his nap, it was time to get busy in the kitchen. But first, to fold load #1 of laundry, and to get load #2 in the dryer. Oh, I was also happy to see that my order of safflower oil and landscape fabric had been delivered.

Then into the kitchen I went. Maverick had requested meatballs, Annie’s macaroni and cheese, and homemade bread for dinner. I snuck in green beans. And pie. We mustn’t forget pie. It was a birthday dinner, after all. I used this recipe for his meatballs, and my kiddos really enjoyed them. Two of my younger girls helped me put them together, which was fun!

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I’d like to say that dinner was done when my husband returned home from work, but I didn’t quite make it. He helped dish out the meatballs while I finished everything up and got his sourdough in the oven. Moses ate yogurt and threw cheerios.

After eating, I called one of my older daughters to check in with her. I had seen her that morning, but already missed her, ha! Mom life. I then folded laundry load #2 as one of my other daughters cleaned the kitchen.

Around 7 pm, I finally was able to sit down with nothing else pressing other than our bedtime routine. Ah, time to rest with my family and talk to them about their day! Yes, I was with most of them for the majority of the time, but there are still things I missed.

Moses’ “nursing strike” that I mentioned in an earlier post has turned into a regular thing, so I also spent a good part of my day pumping. I am determined to feed him this way through the winter, if not longer. Yes, he is 15 months old, but I had hoped to nurse him until he turned two. At this point, if I make it until he turns 18 months I will be really happy. Providing food for him this way takes a lot of time, but I believe it’s worth it.

What a blessing the day has been. It wasn’t perfect, but any day with my family is a good one. These are the days…one day I will miss having so many little ones around.

Tomorrow I need to make my grocery list, homeschool, and work on etsy orders. Later in the day we will shop for food for the week. I also must make it a priority to clean out my closet.

Homemaking is a beautiful profession. Always busy, and never boring. I hope everyone has a blessed week! How did you spend your day?

Rejoice always, pray constantly, in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Messiah Yeshua.

1 Thessalonians 5:16‭-‬18 TLV

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