A Weekly Glimpse into Our Home || 2nd of 2021

Happy Friday, friends! I can smell Challah Bread baking in the oven, and my Himalayan Salt Lamp is brightening the dreary day. We have experienced two straight days of messy rain, and I’m looking forward to the weekend.

This week has been both busy and blessed, as always. So many good things have come from the past seven days, and I’m excited to share them with you!

I’m baking lots of bread, and I also tried a new granola bar recipe a few days ago that was a hit! Next time, I plan to bake them for around 28 minutes because our oven tends to cook food faster than recipes indicate. After cutting away a few burnt edges, my children loved them. This is another small step towards eating a whole food diet. I like the control over ingredients that baking/cooking from scratch gives me.

I’m working on planting trees at our cabin and cleaning out the garage. We have decided to keep the cabin after all…selling it just didn’t feel right, despite the hot market. I have struggled with this decision, but in the end, I think I would regret it if we sold at this point. Also, my mother-in-law is staying there until she can finish an apartment in our basement. We have had so many contractors fall through over the course of seven months, and literally nothing has been done. This way, she has a place to stay for awhile longer without worrying about us selling. Our neighbor has turned their cabin into a successful Airbnb, so that would also be an option for us in the future.

(You can hardly see him in this picture, but Maverick found so many salamanders at the cabin this week).

While there on Wednesday, my oldest son planted six trees. The idea is to fill in the yard as much as possible to keep grass from growing. The lot used to be completely wooded, but the previous homeowner cut quite a few trees. The cabin sits on a steep slope, and weed eating/grass cutting is difficult. Any ideas for ground cover would also be appreciated. It is a zone 7a mountain climate, and I’m looking for something that would blend well with the landscape.

I’m sewing skirts for Etsy orders. This horse birthday set has sold well this week in my shop. I also have three stuffed animals waiting for me to mend.

I’m reading my Bible and the Bluestone Perennials catalog. Does a catalog count as reading? Oh, how I love perennials! They are one of my favorite things to grow.

I’m using diluted frankincense oil on my thyroid to hopefully help balance my hormones. I believe it’s working. When my cycle returned after Moses it was totally off, but is now more normal. I’m thinking about making a frankincense salve with coconut oil and beeswax.

I purchased the cutest $6 birdhouse from Hobby Lobby yesterday. It made my heart happy. I also bought a few items for the cabin since it was 50% off Wall Art week! I am really excited to decorate the cabin like a cabin, if that makes sense. When we lived there full time, it was simply our house with lots of toys, books, etc. Now I hope to make it into a restful retreat. So exciting!

I’m preparing to file our taxes. Not the most exciting thing, but necessary, none the less.

I’m enjoying my family immensely. Being a wife and mama is wonderful!

I hope your week has been blessed ladies, and that you enjoy your weekend. The Lord has been so good to us, hasn’t He?

We pray that you may be strengthened with all the power that comes from His glorious might, for you to have all kinds of patience and steadfastness. With joy we give thanks to the Father, who qualified you to share in the inheritance of the kedoshim in the light. He rescued us from the domain of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son whom He loves. In Him we have redemption—the release of sins.

Colossians 1:11‭-‬14 TLV

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