A Weekly Glimpse into Our Home #10

Another week is almost over, and it’s been an enjoyable one.

Sometimes my days feel monotonous, but I always try to remember that there is such good to be found in each one. I enjoy writing these posts, because they remind me of all the little blessings that are here if I just look.

This week has been cold and rainy in North Georgia. Our current home is tucked near the mountains, two miles from the Tennessee border. A couple of days ago I took a short walk in our woods to discover our wet weather creek flowing, and a rope swing my seventeen-year-old had hung in a tree. Such fun! I hope my husband can run an inexpensive fence along the back of our five acres before long, because it borders land people use to hunt.

I’m baking my tried and true sourdough bread tonight, which is basically Jill Winger’s recipe found here. My kiddos love it as toast! It is rising on my counter as we speak.

Chili, baked fish, and chicken & rice soup have been on the dinner menu this week. Monday is breakfast night, and of course, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday for us. Having the first two dinners of the week planned makes it simple to decide what to cook the remaining days. Today I made mashed potato pancakes from leftovers for lunch, along with fruit and granola bars.

I’m watching my tomato seeds sprout. My lettuce and calendula are doing well! Our broccoli and peppers are doing okay. The banana pepper seeds I saved from last year do not seem to be germinating, which is a bummer.

I’m reading blogs and the Scriptures. I enjoyed reading this post about head covering from Abiding Home. I haven’t picked up a book this week, unless it was homeschool related, I don’t think. I haven’t spent much time reading at all, unfortunately. My daughter and I finished up the Radiant Purity Conference on Wednesday.

I drove to our cabin to continue cleaning it out. Our garage is a mess, thanks to a few rats. They chewed through boxes and made nests from homeschool work that I had saved through the years and my seasonal decor. This is a lesson learned for me, and I hopefully will secure our things better in the future. Cardboard boxes didn’t cut it.

My son put together a couple of inexpensive bed frames while we were there, and I was able to do a bit of decorating! This raised my spirits after working on the mess in the garage. My boys will sleep in the loft whenever we stay there.

I purchased a wide variety of items this week. Groceries, pillows, hand soap, mandolin strings, eye patches, and a dinner bell made the cut. My favorite find was pink himalayan salt at the checkout line in Bealls of all places. It was an excellent price!

I filed our taxes which took hours using Turbotax. I’m so thankful that it’s done.

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my family. We will continue to clean out the cabin, and hopefully will get the remainder of our raised beds built.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, ladies!

Be tenderly devoted to one another in brotherly love; outdo one another in giving honor. Do not be lagging in zeal; be fervent in spirit. Keep serving the Lord, rejoicing in hope, enduring in distress, persisting in prayer.

Romans 12:10‭-‬12 TLV

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