Our Simple Homeschool Schedule || 2nd Grade

We currently have a second grader in our home. She is a very eager student, and it is such fun to teach her.

Our school year is winding down, and it has been a good one. I love being in control of my children’s education, especially considering some of the new scheduling constraints we are seeing due to the pandemic in public schools.

Now is a good time to overview what the year has been like if you are a homeschooler who follows a more traditional school calendar.

With our gardening efforts in full swing this year, that’s what we are doing. I’d love to share with you today the things my second grader has studied this year. We keep our school schedule relatively simple, and encourage a lot of imaginative play during the elementary years, too.

1. For both Math and Language Arts, we’ve used Masterbooks. I’ve enjoyed this curriculum a lot. When my fifth grader was in the second grade, we used Masterbooks Math and it felt a little too simple. This time around I can tell that it has been beefed up, and I really like it. Makynlee does, too. It is Charlotte Mason based, and is full of opportunities for narration, picture study, and fun projects.

2. We’ve used Christian Light Education readers for reading. I love how these stories teach Biblical values. A definite thumbs up!

3. We used a combination of workbooks for Science. My last three children have all went through CLE’s Science 2 for one semester, and have loved it. It is all about animals and offers lots of reading practice. My second grader is finishing up the year by going through this fun Science workbook I found on Amazon.

4. For Social Studies, we are reading living books and Makynlee is going through a Geography workbook. We don’t really sweat social studies too much in the second grade.

5. My daughter also takes short weekly ballet and violin lessons from my older daughters. When your nineteen-year-old is a professional ballerina and your fourteen-year-old enjoys violin, you take advantage of it, ha!

Our fairly simple homeschool schedule works for us. By lunchtime we are done, and ready to explore the outdoors!

Makynlee loves to visit her bunny, Snow Puff, once her school work is finished.

I imagine I will do much of the same next year in third grade, except I plan to try out Masterbooks for Science and Social Studies, too.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope your family has a wonderful weekend!

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Proverbs 3:1‭-‬4

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