Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 1 and 2

In order to learn what it means to be a woman, we must start with the One who made her…

Welcome, ladies! I’m so happy that you’ve chosen to join me as we study the book “Let Me Be a Woman” by Elisabeth Elliot. It is so nice to learn wisdom from a woman of God. So let’s dive in, shall we?

We serve a God who is in charge, which is what Elisabeth’s first note is about. Ladies, we can rest assured that the Lord does not make mistakes, and He intended for us to be women…and feminine women at that. We can trust that all things will work out for the good for those who love God. Just like Val’s fiance Walt “saw the pattern of duty that laid before them and took it to be the will of God,” so can we, no matter what our circumstance.

How can we apply this to our lives today? Do you see a pattern of duty laid before you? I do, in the form of my husband and sweet little children. It is my duty to care for them, and see that their needs are met within the walls of our home. Sometimes circumstances aren’t ideal. Wayward children, long nights with a new baby, and disagreements with our husbands happen from time to time. But we can rest assured that the Lord is using all of these circumstances for our good, to mold us closer to His image. Through these circumstances we can learn patience, and practice the cultivating a quiet and gentle spirit.

The second short note/chapter is titled Not Who Am I? But Whose Am I? This chapter really struck a cord with me. For many years, I was stuck in a feminist mindset. It wasn’t until my late twenties before I realized that I needed to take myself out of the equation, and focus on what God wanted me to do, and His will for my life. Elisabeth writes, “Women during the past decade have contrived to place themselves very much in the center of attention.” How very true this is. Often we do this, listening to books, articles, and other media being printed that encourages us to discover “who we are” while casting aside traditional gender roles. But we shouldn’t look to these things, should we?

Instead, we should look to the One who made us to determine who we are and our true worth. Instead of starting with ourselves, and other human opinion, we need to turn to Scripture. Our focus should not be on ourselves, but on Him. It is only then that we will truly living life to our full potential as a disciple of Christ.

“There is, no doubt, a superficial sort of consolation and reassurance to be gained from sitting around telling how you feel about things. You generally find several others who feel the same way, or (what is even more reassuring and consoling) they feel worse than you do. But it is no way to come at the truth. In order to learn what it means to be a woman we must start with the One who made her.”

Thanks for stopping by and reading four short pages with me today. As busy moms, we can probably fit this in over the course of a week, right? (Being perfectly honest, some weeks I may not, ha!) Let’s meet back next Friday to talk about the next two short chapters in Let Me Be a Woman.

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Please feel free to comment below about anything you gleaned from the book this week.

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2 thoughts on “Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 1 and 2

  1. Magan says:

    I especially loved in the second chapter where you quoted her. Everyone I know lives like that. Whether they seek consolation in each other or their “moms groups”. I have never felt right living that way. I take my care to Abba and let them lie with him. He is the only one who can fix them after all. Thanks Nicole! Look forward to next week!

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