I’m Back on Instagram (For Now)

Happy Thursday, ladies! I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of the week. I’ve been trying to get into better shape since my youngest is no longer nursing, and goodness, the past few days have been tough. I’m grateful to have some resemblance of self control back, though. I’m always so hungry while nursing.

Anyhow, I wanted to drop in to share something with you today. I’ve made a tough decision (for now) when it comes to Instagram, and I thought I’d let you know since I posted about why I left Instagram at the beginning of the year. I feel like a double-minded woman in a way. I truly don’t want to come across as a hypocrite.

As a whole, I do not like Instagram (or Facebook for that matter) as a platform. I thought their decision to censor content was just too much. I also didn’t care for the unwholesome search suggestions they gave to my husband while he used the service. This was also too much for me.

But over the past six months or so, I’ve really missed the sense of community that I found there. As a simple minded, old fashioned, skirt wearing, messianic-ish believer, I do not have a real life community to lean into.

I began praying about it a month or two ago once I noticed I was struggling with “fitting in.” I couldn’t believe that I was starting to question some of my convictions. And no, I don’t need Instagram to stay on the narrow path! But walking alongside similar women does make it easier. This past week I spoke to my husband about it, and he didn’t have a problem with me rejoining.

Many women whom I trust and admire have Instagram accounts. I don’t in anyway believe having an account is sinful, I just don’t care for the service provider.

While I believe blogging is amazing, and I in no means plan on stopping, our culture by and large congregates in places like Instagram while online. It is very easy to post content and make connections there. At this moment in time, I really want to have some of those connections.

So for now, I am back. This is my account if you’d like to find me. I had completely deleted my account so I’m starting from scratch.

If the Lord calls me away from it, I fully intend to step back again. Social media was ridiculous about six months or so ago. I want no part in that.

I plan to continue posting here often. My heart is here, with this blog. Some of you might remember me from way back when I wrote on Children are a Blessing. That was quite some time ago. Some of those old posts can still be found here.

I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss our Let Me Be a Woman study. I hope you will join me!

Blessings, ladies! Have you have any tips about navigating social media? Please feel free to share if you do.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Back on Instagram (For Now)

  1. Victoria says:

    I also left Instagram in January but rejoined recently because I missed interacting with like minded others. Though, I am considering leaving again because I found some wonderful groups on a free speech platform called Gab! And I find I am spending my time more intentionally on there as well.

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