Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 19 and 20

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Let’s continue along with our Let Me Be a Woman study, shall we? In Chapter 19, Elisabeth asks, “Is submission stifling?”

I used to think it would be. But once I decided to shift my mindset and allow my husband to take the lead in my family, I discovered it truly is not.

How about you? Do you believe that submission stifles our God-given abilities? In my home, I am still creative. I can write and make things to my heart’s content. I have a huge say when it comes to the education of our children, and how our household runs. My husband pretty much makes it his job to see to my happiness. I live a very blessed life.

In this chapter, Elisabeth writes about a woman who had a bone to pick with her being chosen to speak at a college commencement ceremony, all because she believed that “…to invite a speaker to tell the women who have just been chosen as the most academically gifted in the entire graduating class that their highest fulfillment is to be found in subjecting themselves to a man in marriage is incredible in this day and age.”

Elisabeth contends that, “Is it my rhetoric or is it perhaps the rhetoric of this lady herself (who has written and spoken on the equality of the sexes) which contradicts my “accomplishments?” If I have said that a woman’s highest fulfillment is to be found in subjecting herself to a man in marriage, I meant, of course, the woman to whom God has given the gift of marriage. Her highest fulfillment will be found in obedience to that calling. I who have had that gift, as well as the gift of being your mother, have no difficulty whatever in saying that my deepest sense of “fulfillment,” my highest human joys, have been found in being a wife and mother.”

I believe this to be true. While Elisabeth was also both a missionary and writer, she found her highest human joy in being a wife and mother. Living a life devoted to our husbands surely isn’t stifling, and can bring us great joy.

Chapter 20 is aptly titled, “Twenty Questions.” Let’s discuss this for a minute.

Isn’t it nice to know that the Lord who created the whole universe sees to the tiny details in our lives? He surrounds us on all sides. What a blessing!

It would be helpful to look at tiny details when it comes to choosing our mate. There are many questions that we might ask ourselves before entering marriage.

We should watch how he treats his family. Does he love the Lord? What is his stance on things like money and child training? Is he late or punctual?

While of course there are many small things that may be overlooked in marriage, there are also big things to consider. Considering these things before marriage, will help our flesh from thinking submission is stifling.

My husband and I differ in a lot of ways. Yet, over time the Lord has been so good to bring us together and to agreement on most topics. His work in our lives has been nothing short of miraculous.

Elisabeth writes, “It is mutual commitment to a common belief that is the only solid base for lasting communion, in marriage or in any other fellowship. Anything less will not stand the test of living.”

I hoped you enjoyed reading these chapters this week. Next week we will move onto the next two short chapters.

May your weekend be blessed!

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