A Weekly Glimpse Into Our Home #14

Good afternoon, ladies! Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have too much to share with you regarding what has been going on in our home. Well, not today! This week has been busy. We have worked, we have played, and we have gotten a lot done. This is such a good feeling. At the same time, I would like to kick my feet up and take a nap!

On Sunday, we decided to take our kiddos swimming. I spent the week before gathering what we would need. Several of my children needed new bathing suits. I purchased this one for Moses. Isn’t it just darling? I also needed to pick up sunscreen and a couple of new floats. Anyhow, early Sunday afternoon we headed to the local state park, and goodness, was the swimming area crowded at the lake! We stuck it out for thirty minutes. My younger children were having a good time, but my older guys didn’t want to step foot into the water, and I couldn’t blame them.

We left, and decided to head to a swimming hole at a nearby wilderness area. I was a bit nervous to go there because it is very remote. No cell service, no electricity, no homes. But when we got there it was absolutely lovely. Lovelier than I had remembered it from when we visited last summer. We eased into the river, and spotted so many different types of fish swimming around us. We plan on going back soon, and with snorkels next time! We stopped by a McDonald’s on the way home around six o’clock. It was such a fun day!

On Monday, I started working on Etsy orders right away. After a morning of sewing, I set aside a bit of sourdough starter to make pancakes with for the first time. We worked in the garden and washed so many clothes. Our river trip meant lots of dirty towels were in my pile. By dinnertime, we were all anxious to try the pancakes on our breakfast night. They turned out really well! I used a recipe in my copy of The Prairie Homestead Cookbook. After dinner, I made a new dress for Mabrey. I plan to complete a total of three of these dresses this week for each of my youngest daughters. I picked up the fabric at Walmart, in ready-cut yard rolls.

On Tuesday, I worked on Etsy orders for an hour before pulling out the fabric needed to make dress #2. These peasant dresses are fairly easy to make, and I enjoy sewing, so I’m happy to make them. I then decided to make sourdough bread for dinner. (It is a week of sourdough, it seems.) My mother-in-law just gave me a forty-year-old mixer with a dough hook, and it still works! I used it for the first time yesterday, and I was very happy to not have to kneed the dough by hand for ten minutes. It is a good workout, though. We played in the garden, and I admired the mud pies my daughters had made. We also went grocery shopping for the week, and I picked up birthday decor for my daughter who will be turning twenty soon. I’m going to attempt to make a cookie cake for the first time for her. I hope it turns out well!

This morning I spent a lot of time paying bills, which isn’t exactly fun. But, it was exciting to see that I had met some financial goals that I had made for myself this month! We paid a bit extra on the mortgage, and exceeded what I had hoped to invest. So, hooray! I started chili in the crock pot before we headed to the cabin. My son is currently weed eating our yard, and I just finished doing some light cleaning and laying landscape fabric around the roses, hostas, and lilies I had planted last week.

Later in the week, I will finish the final dress for my girls and pick up fireworks for the weekend. We will celebrate my daughter’s birthday by taking her out to eat, and head to an eye doctor’s appointment for my Mabrey. I’m going to see if my husband can finish painting the back of our home…oh, it would be such a blessing if he is able to!

I hope you are enjoying your week, ladies. It is a blessing to be able to serve and love on our families! I am so grateful that I am able to stay at home with my little ones. It took sacrifice to do so, especially in the beginning, but each and every moment I get to spend with them is so very worth it. Be encouraged in your work today. It is very meaningful, and the rewards are greater than any employer could think to pay. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that He has allowed me to fully participate in this work!

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

Hebrews 13:15 KJV

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