Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 23 and 24

I am so ready to step into the weekend! I’m looking forward to a blessed Sabbath tomorrow, along with celebrating my daughter’s 20th birthday. Hopefully, we will be able to fit in a hike on Saturday afternoon. It should be a busy, but blessed, time.

Let’s dive into our Let Me Be a Woman study, shall we? Reading this book has encouraged me to be on the lookout for other books by Elisabeth Elliot. I’ve really enjoyed reading her thoughts about womanhood and marriage.

Chapter 23 is titled, “You Marry a Sinner.” Isn’t that the truth? We are all sinners, and at times, I almost expect my husband to not be one. Setting unrealistic expectations like that can sabotage my marriage.

It is easy to see all of my husband’s faults, and not concentrate on my own. Marriages would be a lot more harmonious if we would simply realize that our spouses are not perfect, nor will they ever be. We are all lost sheep, in desperate need of our Savior. We all are in need of redemption.

Elisabeth writes, “The consciousness that we are alike in our need of redemption is a liberating one. For there will be times when you find yourself accusing, criticizing, resenting. You begin, almost without realizing that you are doing it, to make a mental list of offenses, anticipating the day when some straw will break the camel’s back and you can recite the whole list, sure to add at the end ‘and another thing…!’ But you will find yourself disarmed utterly, and your accusing spirit transformed into loving forgiveness the moment you remember that you did, in fact, marry only a sinner, and so did he. It’s grace you both need.”

Yes. Grace, grace, and more grace. May we extend grace to our husbands, and may he extend it to us.

Elisabeth begins chapter 24 by saying, “You marry not only a sinner but a man. You marry a man, not a woman. Strange how easy it seems to be for some women to expect their husbands to be women, to act like women, to do what is expected of women. Instead of that they are men, they act like men, they do what is expected of men, and thus they do the unexpected. They surprise their wives by being men and some wives wake up to the awful truth that it was not, in fact, a man that they wanted after all. It was marriage, or some vague idea of marriage, which provided the fringe benefits they were looking for- a home, children, security, social status.”

This chapter brought a smile to my face. There have been many times when I have been dumbfounded by my husband. Men behave differently than women. They were wired differently than woman. And yet, I expect my husband to fully understand my own intentions and why I do what I do? Sometimes this simply isn’t possible.

Ladies, we must realize that it is men who we have married, and we can’t expect them to be just like women. They can be rough around the edges, and might not understand why something that would make him laugh would make his wife cry. Men are a different creature entirely. And yet, the Lord has called us to be a help meet to them, which is nothing short of a glorious calling.

When we understand that we are different, and that these differences are actually a good thing, a lot of stress will be relieved from our marriages. While of course we should listen to and try to understand each other, simply realizing that our husband is a man, and not a woman, should help our expectations be more reasonable when it comes to our spouse.

I hope you enjoyed the chapters this week, ladies. We are almost halfway through Let Me Be a Woman already. I’ve really enjoyed it! If you’d like to follow along with us, you can purchase this inexpensive book here.

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