So Much Vanity

Happy Tuesday, ladies! It has been a morning full of work…I’ve worked on Etsy orders, made a new plan for our goat feed rations, and harvested French Fingerling Potatoes with my little ones. It’s been fun, sweaty, and beautiful. If there is such a thing! As the years have passed YHWH (the Lord) has truly turned my heart towards my home and homestead. For this I am so grateful.

Apron askew, sleeve pushed up from digging, and dirt everywhere. But so happy and blessed!

As I’ve mentioned before, this year has been difficult for me at times. This is in regards to a relationship, and I believe it is best that the details continue to remain private at this time. After all, it is no good to share information about a situation if it involves another person.

Anyhow, this year I have found myself desperately seeking…I’ve wanted peace, and clarity. During this time, sometimes my feet felt like they were slipping. In despair, I turned to the world for hope at times. This is definitely a bad idea!

Now, I haven’t participated in anything sinful, but seeking an abundance of worldly amusements to distract myself from problems I faced did not solve anything. Instead, I simply exposed myself and my family to time away from the safety of our home. Unfortunately, even when participating in seemingly benign activities, if we are in public, we likely will be exposed to evil.

This is such a shame! I hate that this is so. As mamas, we need to keep an eye on what is going on around us, to protect ourselves and our families. There is so much vanity in our culture as a whole.

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Many times, after spending time away I ended up feeling worse. What I needed was God, and His Word. The past few weeks I have been spending much time reflecting on the things of Him, and the simple life that I believe He wants me to live.

While flipping through the pages of A Virtuous Woman by Ruth Mast, the following passage stuck out to me:

“We must be vigilant because Satan comes as an angel of light or ‘as a roaring lion,…seeking whom he may devour’ (1 Peter 5:8). He beckons for our attention through many voices. ‘ Come and listen to the singing group at our church tonight. They can really sing!’ says someone from the church down the road. But they dress immodestly and do not uphold the doctrines of the Bible. Do I want my children to follow me there? ‘You must see the educational movie at the Museum of Science and Industry. It is most fascinating!’ Do I want my children to follow me there? Would it not erode their confidence in our teaching that such influences are not conducive to the spiritual growth of the Christian? We must determine by God’s help not to let anything separate us from the love of Christ. We may suffer the ridicule of ‘friends,’ experience sickness, face the death of a loved one, confront physical danger, be disowned by our family, or lose financial security. ‘In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us’ (Romans 8:37).

We must be vigilant about where our feet are leading our families, mamas. We must be careful about the influences we allow into our home as well.

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The vanity of our culture is passing away, and does not lead to Life! While it might seem odd to think about, truly living doesn’t involve a multitude of vacations and material possessions. Truly living happens when we focus on the simple things in life, like our families and the blessings YHWH gives us.

Slobbery kisses. Discussions about the Word. Fingerling potatoes. Messy aprons. Soft music. A good book. Food to fill our bellies.

For these things I am thankful. I hope you are encouraged today, like I am. If we are in Christ, we have nothing to fear. God will give us the strength to follow His will in this present age and culture.

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2 thoughts on “So Much Vanity

  1. Magan says:

    Hi Nicole!
    I haven’t commented in a while. Just a busy season of life. Our oldest moves almost 2 hours away for college in a couple of weeks and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. All that to say, reading your posts about your oldest leaving the nest brings me comfort. It’s such a difficult season to navigate. With both babies and an adult child. Thanks for all you do to encourage us mamas in the trenches.

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