Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 27 and 28

Good afternoon, ladies! I haven’t blogged much this week, due to being exceptionally busy with Etsy shop orders. I am very grateful for this, however. God knows all of our needs, and He has been so kind to make sure they are being met. Anyhow, I’m here now, and I’d love to spend a few minutes talking about Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot.

When we marry, we are called to forsake all others. Sometimes this is difficult. Once married, our husbands should become the most important person in the world to us. And yes, we do marry a sinner, as as Elisabeth writes, “You love this man who happens to be this kind of sinner and you do your best to accept, to forgive, to overlook, to forbear, and, perhaps, in the mercy of God, to help him to overcome.”

As a widow, Elisabeth has a unique perspective, in that she understands how much we should appreciate our husbands. I too am a widow, and I believe being in that predicament helped me to understand how much the loss of a husband can affect a family. Now, my first marriage wasn’t a good one. In many ways now, I am glad to be free of it. But through that experience, I realized just how wonderful a hardworking, kind husband would be. Forget money, and other frivolous things. As long as I remarried a steady, kind man, I knew that our lives would change vastly for the better.

Elisabeth writes, “How often I have sat in a roomful of people and heard a wife contradict, criticize, belittle, or sneer at her husband before the rest of the company and I have with difficulty restrained myself from leaping from my chair, going over and shaking that woman by the shoulders and saying, ‘Do you realize what you’ve got?’ She doesn’t. She hasn’t my perspective, of course. If only there were some way form every wife to have the experience of losing her husband for a little time – even of thinking that he’s dead – in order to regain the perspective she needs for genuine appreciation.”

Yes, we should appreciate our husbands, faults and all. They are indeed a blessing to us.

Marriage is a dynamic relationship. If we marry while young, most likely our interests will change as we grow older. But this is no reason to leave a marriage. We should accept that marriage is always changing, and seek God through it all.

Seeking YHWH (the Lord) is the key to most things in life, isn’t it? When both husband and wife grow closer to God, then they will naturally grow closer to each other.

Elisabeth writes “Friend, lover, husband. In your life together he will be many things to you. Confidant, companion, provider, strength, playmate, listener, teacher, pupil, leader, comforter, and as Sarah saw Abraham, ‘lord.’ Each role has its glories and limitations, each requires a different kind of response from you and this takes resilience, adaptability, maturity. Life is made exciting and interest is sustained by these dynamics so long as all are undergirded by love.”

When the going gets tough (and it sometimes will), it is important to remember the promises we made together before God. He alone can sustain us and carry us through.

I hope you have had a lovely week with your families, ladies. If you’d like to follow along, you can pick up a copy of Let Me Be a Woman here.

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