Homestead Update || July 2021

Tomatoes and cucumbers are coming in, and we recently harvested our red potatoes. It is July on our small, newbie, homestead!

I normally share a few thoughts from Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot on Fridays, but today I honestly haven’t had a chance to read the chapters and compose a post. This week we have had a birthday, and I spent three days putting an antique glaze on our kitchen cabinets. It was quite a process that took longer than I thought, but on the upside, it turned out nicer than I thought. Our cabinets are old and not very high quality, and this glaze hides many of the imperfections that have bothered me.

We have not put a lot of money into our homestead this month. Instead, it has gone to pay for an upcoming beach vacation and a day trip to Pigeon Forge. I have been enjoying our home and gardens this month while trying to stay frugal, and not plan any projects.

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Part of my garden is flourishing, and the other part…not so much. Our sweet potato vines are growing like crazy, along with our cantelope. I can’t wait to harvest some! Cucumbers are finally coming in after so many were destroyed from a rascally raccoon. I also replanted zucchini, and am starting to see little babies forming. Hooray! Our tomatoes are battling blight, and my peppers just aren’t doing as well as they normally do, however.


The elderberry cuttings I purchased from The Texas Boys are doing well, and we actually had a small peach harvest this month! They were so yummy. I also planted two new Black-Eyed Susan plants that I purchased at an adorable garden center in Chattanooga. They were on sale, which was such a blessing.

Our lamancha goats are growing as well. This winter, I believe we are going to try to fence off a bit more of our land to form a rotation system. It is painful to see all of the lush growth on our five acres that they simply do not have access to. They have eaten pretty much everything in their fenced area clean. We do bring brush to them, to slow down their alfalfa pellet and hay consumption. I really want them to consume as much as they can from our land during the summer months.

I’ve been doing my best to focus on simplicity, and how a living a slow, quiet life is beneficial to our family. I want my home and homestead to be a place of rest for the soul, even while we are busy at work with needed tasks. YHWH (the Lord) has been so good to us. I was reflecting last night at the wonder of my current life…while by no means perfect, I have so many blessings that surround me. My husband, children, animals, garden, home…it is truly more than I could ever ask for.

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I hope you have had a blessed week with your families, ladies. May God give us peace and a place of rest in our homes, and homesteads!

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