Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 29 and 30 + New Personalized Tea Towels

Good morning, ladies! I hope you have a good day to look forward to. After all, the Lord (YHWH) is who has given it to us! I plan to find a new recipe shortly to use up some of the zucchini which is finally coming in in the garden. I hope it will go well with roasted chicken and challah bread tonight!

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Marriage is a union. While this is an obvious statement, how often do we sometimes forget? I know I do. While as I’ve gotten older, my emotions have settled some, at times I choose to go my own way instead of considering my husband and his wishes. This is wrong, and I forgo blessings when I choose to be selfish instead of part of a team.

Elisabeth writes that there is no competition in a union. This is true. Sometimes our flesh likes to see if we can do something better than our spouse, but instead, we should see the best in the other and use our strengths as an opportunity to make our union stronger.

She writes, “There is a union in the physical body – all the members joined together in harmony and for the good of the whole, all subject to the head. So there is union in marriage, two separate persons made one in the flesh, and, if they are Christians, one in Christ, subject to His leadership. If they are one in Christ, they have not only union but communion, and this is a priceless thing.”

Marriage is also a mirror. We would do well if we went into it knowing that sometimes both our strengths and weaknesses will be magnified while we interact with our spouse. At the same time, isn’t it amazing how our happiness can rub off onto our husbands? Just the same, our depression can be mirrored in our husbands, too. It is so important that we do what we can to stay firmly rooted in Scripture. What we do will rub off onto our husbands, as will our good attitudes once we are filled with God’s Word.

Seeing ourselves through our husband’s eyes can be unnerving. And the faults that we see in him? Sometimes these are faults we need to work on in ourselves as well.

I hope you have a lovely day, ladies. If you’d like to follow along in Let Me Be a Woman with us, you can find it here.


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