Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 31 and 32

It has been a lovely morning. I spent some time in my garden, harvesting cucumbers and tomatoes. Afterwards, I worked on a fun custom order from my Etsy shop and prepped a homegrown zucchini casserole. Oh, how I love summer. Summer is quickly becoming one of my favorite seasons since I’ve started to garden. It is busy, but so much fun!

I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss chapters 31 and 32 of Let Me Be a Woman with you all. Actually, I will be concentrating on chapter 31. Chapter 32 seemed to be a lead up to the next chapters, and didn’t appear to relate to marriage as we know it in our country.

In chapter 32, Elisabeth contends that marriage is a vocation. I tend to agree. We should work on our marriages as if it was our job to do so. I believe so many marriages fall through the cracks because they are not lovingly tended to. This takes work! We must be willing to put our spouses needs before our own, and pay attention to what they need.

Sometimes ladies are employed before they are married. It is God’s perfect plan for us to set that aside, and make marriage our primary task. That isn’t to say that a woman cannot work on an industry from home, or minister to others. But our husbands must come first. Woman was made for man, not man for women.

Is it difficult to think of marriage as a vocation? Elisabeth writes, “It is easier for women to do, I think. Speaking from my own experience, even a woman who has a career when she marries finds it easy to make marriage her primary task, to lay down the career ‘with hallelujah’ as Ruth Benedict said, in order to let her husband to have first place…This is a conflict that any married man who takes his marriage and his work seriously is going to face. I said that I think it is easier for a woman to accept her marriage as a vocation because the burden of financial responsibility rests on her husband. Even in cases where a wife’s income is necessary, which it was not in my case, the husband is the provider. Scripturally, he is responsible for his family. A woman I know says to her husband, ‘I am your wife, but you are my life.’ A woman is never a man’s life in the same sense that a man is a woman’s life, and this is the way it was meant to be – ‘Woman was made for man, not man for women.”

While we might bristle at some of these teachings at first, they are true and Scriptural. When we fully submit to our husband’s as Christ submitted to The Father, they become our life. Of course, we will put our relationship with the Lord (YHWH) before all things, but in an earthly sense, our husbands are our life.

Oh, how often I fail at this. The usual cause of my failings are my children. Now, don’t get me wrong. Our children are so very important! But they are not my marriage. It is easy to always give my attention on my children instead of my husband. He is a grown man, after all, is my usual reasoning. But this isn’t the way a marriage should be. Our marriages should always get an abundance of attention and care. It is our vocation, after all.

I hope this short study has blessed you today. If you’d like to follow along, you can find Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot here.

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