Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 33 and 34

How has your day been so far, ladies? Mine has been good…any day spent with my children is a good one! After waking up, my fifteen-year-old daughter and I completed a 31 minute walk/run using our Couch to 5k app. Up and down the driveway we went. We then got started on schoolwork, and my part is now finished for the day. Week one is in the books! Soon, I will be prepping dinner and making a vegan honey mustard dressing recipe for the first time. Oh, how I hope it’s good. I really enjoy honey mustard! Later, I will be working on this sweet puppy skirt set for an Etsy customer. It’s close to my heart, because this was the theme my daughter chose for her fourth birthday last year.

Let’s begin our Let Me Be a Woman study, shall we? I have been seeking God’s peace this week…the news headlines have been disturbing, haven’t they? Jumping into a study like this, which talks about the Father’s will for my life, always brings such encouragement to my heart.

There is a divine order to things. The Lord (YHWH) formed His creation with a distinct purpose in mind. He is a God of order, and He ordered His things well.

But so often, we don’t want to accept this order, do we? We accept our fickle feelings as truth, and forget about the perfect plan that God has for our lives.

Elisabeth writes, “One thing that makes a marriage work is the acceptance of divine order. Either there is an order or there is not, and if there is one which is violated disorder is the result – disorder on the deepest level of the personality. I believe there is an order, established in the creation of the world, and I believe that much of the confusion that characterizes our society is the result of the violation of God’s design. The blueprint has been lost. Everybody is guessing at how the building is supposed to look.”

Ladies, as a society, I feel like we are walking blindfolded, ignoring God’s order and instead grasping at our own straws, hoping that our own design and ideas will get things right. Well, we have been sorely mistaken. As mamas, we need to do whatever we can to teach our children about the righteousness found in God’s way and order, and do what we can to protect them from the world. We need to teach them that marriage is between one man and one woman. We need to teach that a woman’s role is to be submissive to her husband, and that there is joy to be found there.

Later, Elisabeth contends that equality is not a Christian ideal. She writes, “Equality is not really a Christian idea. It is, in the first place, very hard to get at what people mean when they speak of equality. Surely they can’t mean that men and women are like two halves of an hourglass or an orange. Jacques Barzun in his House of Intellect says, ‘Superior and inferior can be determined only with respect to a single quality for a single purpose…Men are incommensurable and must be deemed equal…Equality is but one of man’s qualities and among the most dispensable.”

She also believes the “equality of man” is mainly political, and that politics has no place in a marriage. Hmm, this is something to think about, isn’t it? I truly believe that the woman’s liberation movement had certain bad motives… Women leaving the safety of their homes in the name of the “equality” has left the last two generations alone to have their minds filled with government propaganda. And just look where our country is now!

But ladies, there is still hope. Turn to God and His ways. There is such hope and grace to be found here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend with your families! Hopefully I will be back to share more with you soon.

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