A Homemaker’s Morning || October 6, 2021

Ah, how I love October! The temperature is finally cooling off, and the outdoor world is simply glorious! I’m looking forward to mountain drives to take in lots of beautiful fall leaves soon!

On this October morning, I woke up to my husband slipping out of our room to begin his workday at our dining room table. I suppose one positive of him no longer being allowed in his office is that when not in the field, he is able to now work from home. What a blessing!

After waking Moses up and getting myself ready, I prepared his milk and sat in the living room for a bit while various sleepyheads emerged. I love the freedom homeschooling brings. I love how we are able create our own schedule, and sleep in awhile if we’d like to!

I then took Moses outside, jammies and all, to push his stroller while the other kids ate their breakfast. I’ve been alternating days of walking and running, and today was a walk day. I’m glad that I’m finally doing what needs to be done to get in better shape. I want to take care of the body God has given me.

Moses and I are ready for our walk! I recently purchased my bandana head covering here.

Alas, it started to rain only a few minutes in. We went back inside, and I began to prep chili for dinner. I use our crockpot, and it’s super easy.

Our Simple Vegan Crockpot Chili

Add one can of drained corn, one can of tomato sauce, one can of chili-ready tomatoes, two cans of chili beans, one cup of veggie crumbles (soy based “ground beef”), and a TBSP taco seasoning to your slow cooker. Mix well. Cook on low for six to eight hours and enjoy!

We then began our school day. After Handwriting, we worked through Masterbooks Science, LA, Math, and History. We read a Bible story about Joseph, and a few Mother Goose rhymes before diving into Christian Light Education Kindergarten and Learning to Read.

Afterwards, I slipped into my bedroom to watch a workout video since it was raining. I really enjoy the Bodyfit by Amy YouTube channel, and had a super good cardio workout.

Lunch time! I ate a chickpea pasta salad I had on hand in the refrigerator, and most of my kiddos opted for grilled cheese. I then got a bit of Etsy work done on my computer and set up a new PO Box online. I checked in with my husband, and he let me know our cabin closing was still a go for Friday. Hooray!

My morning was a good one, and I hope yours was enjoyable, too. The work you do inside of your home is so important, ladies! The Lord (YHWH) will bless us for serving our families here. All of the little things you do each day turns into a big thing. Honoring God by joyfully accepting your role is a big thing!

Happy Wednesday, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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