Goodbye Garden

It’s almost time to say goodbye to my beloved garden. It’s a sad time. A good time. It seems strange to be both.

It’s sad because it has been a year of work, and of trial and error. I’ve grown some fruits, vegetables, and flowers. I’ve learned a lot while sweating underneath the sun this summer. I experienced such excitement when it was time to harvest. While not everything did as well as I had hoped, some things did. We did not grow enough of most things to preserve them, but we do still have onions, red potatoes, and sweet potatoes to enjoy for at least part of the winner.

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My sadness comes when I think of the beauty of the garden. Some sweet times of prayer were spent within those gates. It always made me smile when I looked in its direction.

It was the first year of our 2,000 square foot raised bed garden. While inside, I am reminded of my husband’s love for me. He worked so hard to put it all together…to build the gate just as I liked it, a fence with room to string lights, and over thirty raised garden beds.

I was reminded of my Heavenly Father’s love for me while I watched the plants grow in amazement. How could He love me so much that He allowed all of these plants to bloom on our small acreage? It’s awe inspiring, really. Simple things are some of the best things, and our God is an artist like none other.

(Lovely marigold blooms from our garden. Do you enjoy marigolds? They are definitely one of my favorite flowers, and I try to grow lots of them!)

But now for the good things! Ah, of course there is much good!

My garden will now have time to rest. The change of seasons is just what it needs. I will sow in compost, and next spring it will be ready to come to life. I need to remember that we should rest during the coming winter as well. The Lord (YHWH) has given us less work to do during this time, and resting will do our body good.

For everything there is a season and a time for every activity under heaven: a time to give birth and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.

Ecclesiastes 3:1‭-‬2 TLV

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I’ve started a small fall garden, that hopefully will grow into the start of winter. Lettuce, chard, collard greens, cabbage, and peas are shooting up, promising new life. Just what I need.

I planted several packages of spring bulbs yesterday. Oh, the promise they hold! After walking around my mostly barren garden, planting these bulbs with my son was a sweet time.

I believe I will be cutting many, many marigolds to go into vases around my home before the first frost. Their cheery blooms are just lovely. I cut a few yesterday to add to our dining room.

Soon there will be seed catalogs, plant starts and grow lights! I hope to try my hand growing sprouts. There is much to occupy a novice gardener like myself during the winter months.

So goodbye garden. You’ve served us well. Perhaps next year will be even better than this.

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