A Homemaker’s Day || October 27, 2021

The day seemed to dawn bright and early, even though the days are growing shorter. Have you ever put something off, ladies? Well I had, and now there was no more procrastination for me. It was time to clean out the kitchen, and goodness, I didn’t feel like it.

Although I love serving my family, sometimes tasks aren’t exactly exciting. And that is okay! I still needed to push through! And I did. The Lord (YHWH) gave me the motivation I needed after my morning Scripture reading. I just needed to be reminded that all things are worth doing if done unto Him.

After eating a granola bar and getting dressed, I got to work! You see, our new refrigerator was being delivered today, and I had given myself a deadline to get out kitchen organized. Yep, I wanted it done before the fridge arrived. Well, there was nothing left to do but to get to work!

It really wasn’t so bad. Cleaning out the two boxes left to be unpacked from the cabin was much easier than I thought it would be. The boxes actually contained bathroom things, so I quickly unloaded them in the proper places.

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I then switched gears, and helped my 1st grader with her Learning to Read CLE lesson. Most of our homeschooling was already finished for the day, since we had doubled up on a few lessons yesterday in preparation of the kitchen cleaning I needed to do.

Back in the kitchen, I started to clean off the counters and wipe them down. After about an hour, everything looked much better. Clean countertops just make everything seem put together, don’t they?

Once the kitchen was organized, I was inspired to decorate one of the corners. I looked in my closet and found a barn star and small pumpkin sign. I placed them next to a pumpkin cookie jar and Himalayan Salt lamp, and immediately the kitchen became more cozy.

(A little bit of free decorating! It is always a good idea to reuse what you already have.)

I began cooking eggs for lunch sandwiches while prepping for dinner. Our dinner was fairly simple…roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and green beans. I rubbed the chicken down with olive oil and then sprinkled lemon pepper seasoning on it. I managed to poke my finger with a fork while prepping the baked potatoes…ouch! While I was almost finished with dinner preparations, the refrigerator arrived. Hooray!

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My children were enthralled to watch the big delivery truck back down our driveway. The delivery went perfectly, with no scratches or dings to our new appliance. Once they left, I took a look at our kitchen, and was very thankful I had taken the time to organize it better.

I lit a soy candle, and then settled in with Moses for a bit of quiet time. Emails were checked, and I made sure all of our bills had been paid for the week. I also slipped in a YouTube video or two. I’ve been enjoying The Texas Boys “Prepping Like Grandma” series.

Speaking of prepping, I have been doing some of that lately. We picked up a new freezer when we ordered our refrigerator, which in super thankful for.

At dinner time, I fixed my children’s plates while fixing my own of a baked potato, salad, and green beans. I’m still doing great on my whole food plant based diet. I hope to share more of about my progress soon. I’ve lost 28 pounds so far. I still can hardly believe it.

After dinner, we spent some family time outdoors while I piddled in my garden, encouraging the fall sprouts to grow, grow, grow. The evening was lovely, with a cool-ish breeze.

It is such a joy to spend each day with my family. They are just perfect for me, and I’m so grateful to be called to this life. Being a wife and mother is the best!

So Happy Wednesday, ladies. Every day with our families is a day to celebrate. I hope you’ve had a lovely day with your families!

Give thanks to יהוה! For He is good, For His loving-commitment is everlasting. Let the redeemed of יהוה say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the adversary, And gathered out of the lands, From east and from west, From north and from south.

Tehillim (Psalms) 107:1‭-‬3 TS2009

(I did something a bit different today, and shared a verse from The Scriptures version of the Bible. I love how the Hebrew name of the Lord (YHWH) is used!)

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