Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 35, 36, and 37

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I’m so sorry for not publishing a Let Me Be a Woman Study post for quite some time. The end of August and September was a difficult time for me. Vaccine mandates, job uncertainty, and illness kept me from the blog for awhile. I’ve done a good job with consistently posting in October, but have yet failed to pick up with this study. So today, let me remedy that. We are starting back with chapter 35.

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Learning more about Biblical womanhood is so very important. We live in a world where genders are helplessly confused, and this does not glorify God. One of the most important things we can do as women is to joyfully accept our roles. It is the Lord (YHWH) who created us. He makes no mistakes. He wants us to be women, and to act accordingly.

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Heirs of grace. It is so nice to rest in the fact that along with our male counterparts, we are equally heirs of grace. And yet, God is orderly, and has given us unique roles within our spheres of responsibility.

Isn’t it nice when we look at an orderly garden or kitchen. Oh, how I love order! (Although I struggle with organization at times. Funny, isn’t it?)

Elisabeth writes, “What is this joy which we feel in order and design? Isn’t it the same kind of pleasure we experience in the rhythm of music, the pattern of an Oriental rug, the measured movements of a dance, the unimprovable form of any true work of art? Our joy is in the very discipline of the thing. The discipline doesn’t stifle, it gives power, it makes beauty possible. Why shouldn’t it be so when we consider the glorious hierarchical order too? Each being plays its part in the music, in the pattern, in the dance, and in playing it in accord with the Creator’s instructions finds its fullest joy.” (p. 118)

I want to “play in accord with the Creator’s instructions, ” don’t you? What joy is found there, when we joyfully step into the roles He has given us. As wives, we are to submit to the example of Sarah, who obeyed Abraham. While it might seem strange in this day and age, it is a beautiful thing.

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In chapter 36, Elisabeth contends that marriage isn’t a 50-50 proposition. Isn’t that the truth. Yet how often do we “keep score,” even if just in our minds?

I’ve been guilty of this at times… I think, I’ve done this, so my husband should do that. But that seems much like a business partnership, doesn’t it? Marriage isn’t that at all. Marriage is a beautiful covenant entered before God between a man and a woman.

It is true that we are equal in some things. Elisabeth writes, “Your equalities have been delineated: equally sinners, equally responsible, equally in need of grace, and equally the objects of that grace. That’s where the fifty-fifty matter ends. You take up life as husband and wife and you start laying down your own lives – not as martyrs…but as two lovers who have needed and received grace.” (p. 121)

When we begin worrying about equality in our household roles, it’s important to remember that we were created to help. This wasn’t my husband’s choice, but the Lord’s. And I should submit to my role as unto the Lord.

To be honest, chapter 37, The Humility of Ceremony, didn’t give me some of the truth nuggets I’ve found in the rest of this book. However, I do think it’s wise for us to carefully consider our wedding ceremonies prior to marriage. So many times, weddings are a time to indulge in selfish behavior. While having a self-centered ceremony certainly isn’t a good idea, if your motives behind the ceremony are God honoring, then why not have a little “pomp and ceremony?”

As with all things, the life of the believer is to die to self and to hold the things of God high. The same holds true for a marriage ceremony.

I hope you enjoyed this short study today, ladies. Lord willing, I will be back next Friday to discuss several more chapters. If you are interested in purchasing Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot, you can find it here. It is an inexpensive little book, and I think it is worth it to have in your home library.

Blessings, ladies!

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