Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 38, 39, and 40

Happy Friday, ladies! I still can hardly believe it is already November. This might have been the fastest year to date…in my mind at least. We have had one crazy year, and I’m so grateful to the Father for bringing us through it.

Let’s continue our Let Me Be a Woman study, shall we? We are nearing the end of this short little book, and most likely will discuss it three more times after today. I’m so glad that you have joined me in learning more about Biblical Womanhood from Elisabeth Elliot. There are always new ways we can grow in our role, right?

Chapter 38 discussed authority. This is an important discussion to have, since as much as we sometimes hate to admit it, there are differing levels of authority within a marriage. Elisabeth mainly discusses authority as it relates to a believer here, however. And I believe this is so important.

After all, we are called to be under God’s authority, aren’t we? If we can’t accept this fact of life, we will definitely struggle under our husband’s authority. As much as I hate to admit it, there have been times when I have balked at the Lord’s authority, and instead, focused on my supposed “freedom” in our Messiah. But this is no way to be!

Elisabeth writes, “In order to be a disciple we must deny ourselves – this is to exercise authority over our own spirit. We must take up the cross – this is to submit to Christ’s authority. And we must follow – this is continued obedience. This is the road not to confinement, to bondage, to a stunted or arrested development, but to total personal freedom. It means not death but life, not a narrowly circumscribed life but ‘abundant life. The gate is narrow but not the life.”

As disciples of Yeshua (Jesus), submission is part of the program. Just like He submitted to the Father. This is divine order, and is both necessary and beautiful.

When we submit to our husbands, this is the picture we paint to the world.

When we do submit, this doesn’t mean that we become “doormats.” The next chapter touches on this.

As Elisabeth says, Submission to God given authority is not captivity.

In our “liberated” world, we women often think that a marriage partnership is a 50-50 proposition, and as a grown adult, we should have a huge say as to how we live our lives. But this isn’t God’s way, and often our hopes for “equality are rooted in selfishness.

Elisabeth writes, “Common sense has told women in all societies in all ages that the care of the house was up to them. Men have been providers…If we have become so mature and open-minded and adaptable and liberated that the commands of Scripture directed to wives – ‘adapt,’ ‘submit,’ ‘subject’ – lose their meaning, if the word head no longer carries any connotation of authority, and hierarchy has come to mean tyranny, we have been drowned in the flood of liberation ideology.

Do we associate the words authority and hierarchy with tyranny? If so, we have accepted the lies of the world.

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Submission for the Lord’s sake does not amount to servility. It does not lead to self-destruction, the stifling of gifts, personhood, intelligence and spirit. If obedience itself requires a suicide of the personality, we would have to conclude that obedience to Christ demands this.”

Submission to both the Lord and our husbands gives us abundantly more than we had hoped for. It does not destroy our personhood, intelligence, or spirit. It helps us grow into the women we were created to be.

Men and women alike need to restrain their “power.” Chapter 40 discusses this. While men were created to initiate, command, and dominate…they also were created to love their wives. This involves a restraint of their power.

A women’s power is restrained by the command to submit. While women can wield power over their husbands in emotional, or…other ways, we are called to restrain this power and instead submit.

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Of course there will be many times when a godly husband defers to his wives preferences. This is what love does! But we don’t need to try to control our husbands…let him make the decision as to when he would like to bless you with his love and kindness.

Okay, that is a wrap through chapter 40. If you would like to pick up this inexpensive book, you can find it here.

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