Let Me Be a Woman Study Chapters 41, 42, and 43

Happy Friday, ladies! I hope you have had a good week. Today is our main “running” day, since my children have music lessons one hour away and over a four hour time frame. I must admit it is difficult, since I like to prepare for the Sabbath on Fridays. We only have one week left before an extended winter break. I am looking forward to having a little more time on Fridays for things like baking, cleaning, homeschooling, and blogging!

Let’s jump into our Let Me Be a Woman study, shall we? We are on the final nine chapters now, and I hope to briefly cover three each week. This book has definitely been a blessing to me!

In chapter 41, Elisabeth Elliot talks about “Strength by Constraint.” I think this is an important concept within a Christian marriage. When we try to follow the principles of Scripture, there will be a sort of constraint to our actions. We will put others before ourselves. We will love unconditionally, and do our best to overlook offenses.

When we do these things, we will grow in the Lord (YHWH) and also in the strength that He gives. It might seem contrary to nature that when we constrain ourselves, we are strong. But this is a very true concept that we need to remember. When we put our husbands needs before our own, we are showing strength. It’s pretty awesome to think about.

“‘Make us masters of ourselves,’ wrote the prison reformer Sir Alexander Paterson, ‘that we may be the servants of others.'” (p. 143) Chapter 42 talks about self discipline, and rightfully so. If we do not have self discipline, how can we trust our selves to (willingly) submit to our husbands when we just don’t feel like it? Those days will happen from time to time.

Submitting to our husbands is important because our Creator asks us to. Elisabeth contends that willingly submitting to our husbands actually strengthens them in their weaknesses. I pondered on this for a few minutes, and I believe it to be true. When I submit with a begrudging spirit, it does nothing to encourage my husband. When I submit willingly, then I feel like we naturally fall into our God given roles.

The key here is to submit willingly. When we have a problem with this (we all will from time to time), then I would like to suggest we take our struggles to God in prayer. He will help us if we ask Him to with a sincere heart.

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Chapter 46 equates a God-honoring marriage with “a universe of harmony.” God arranged all of His creation with a certain order in mind, and marriage is no different.

Elisabeth writes, “The man and woman who recognize that they are heirs together of the grace of life move in time to the rhythm, accepting their boundaries as do the waves, yielding their self-life to the Will of Life Universal, moving always toward the final fulfillment and joy – the perfect Music – which is the Will of God.”

May we always remember this, ladies. Our final fulfillment and joy lies in us following the will of God…which includes submitting to our husbands, and accepting our roles as women.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s study. The weekend is nearly upon us, and I’m super excited about spending more time with my husband. Elisabeth Elliot’s words have encouraged me so much!

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Blessings, ladies!

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