Modest Monday | Purple with Blue Skirt | Thanksgiving Week

Happy Monday, friends! Ah, I’m so happy that it is Thanksgiving week. My husband is off of work until next Wednesday, which just makes everything better. Besides doing a lot of things at home, we plan to sneak in a trip to the aquarium and zoo. We are members, so all we will need to pay for is parking. Also, I will be running my first ever 5k on Thursday. I must say that I’m a little nervous!

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Today’s outfit is a few older pieces from my closet, that I just love. I’m all about oversized sweaters during the fall and winter. Honestly, I like to wear them indoors during the summer, too!

Shirt – Walmart

Sweater – Bealls Outlet

Skirt – Ross

Headband/Head covering – Hobby Lobby

This sweater is so well loved, I need to repair the pockets. They have almost completely come apart across the bottom.

The purpose of these posts is not to encourage high fashion…that definitely is not me! But hopefully, you see that we can find ways to dress femininely and modestly and represent Christ well in this fallen world.

When I dress this way, it also often helps my attitude, which may seem strange. When I was young, I used to struggle with vanity. Now that I dress differently than I used to, I’ve realized that my heart is in a much better place. It is better to reach into the closet and wear something that is more pleasing to God rather than something that satisfies our flesh or vain struggles. Now, this is definitely just my experience, and not necessarily anyone else’s.

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Yesterday, I wore a dress that I hadn’t been able to fit into in a long while to a violin recital. It hit just above my knee, and I wore it with leggings. While I felt like it was perfectly modest, I could tell that vanity wise, it wasn’t the best choice for me to wear! I was quite proud of myself for fitting into it, which was no way to be. We all definitely have our struggles, ladies. I’ve asked the Lord (YHWH) to search my heart, and to help me with this.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you have a good one. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Blessings!

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2 TLV

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