Weight Loss Update | Early December 2021

It is early December, and I’m still plugging away at my journey to get fit! I thought I would post an update for accountability, and also because I haven’t shared about how things have been going since October. Four of my children and myself are getting ready to run a one mile fun run called “The Silver Bell Sprint” this evening, and so all things fitness are currently on my brain. We will be running through town at night, with silver bells tied to our shoes. It should be interesting! I think my kids are going to love it.

I want to get fit in order to glorify God with my body. I need to take care of what He has given me. My body is His temple, and I was filling it with things that weren’t so good for me. I wasn’t exercising like I should. After our youngest stopped nursing, I knew it was time to get back on track. This is usually how it goes for me. Once I stop nursing, I’m ready to do what it takes to get in shape.

November was a slow month for me, relatively speaking. I had been losing 7-8 pounds per month, but in November, I only lost 4-5 pounds. This was partly due to Thanksgiving leftovers, and partly due to just hitting a plateau. I am down to the last ten pounds that I would like to lose, and sometimes it likes to be stubborn. I consistently ran three miles every other day (35-40 minutes early in the morning), and so I anticipated the weight to continue to come off quickly.

The highlight of the month was running a Thanksgiving 5k for the first time ever. Two of my daughters ran it with me, and it was so much fun to do it together. (From my perspective at least…I had trained diligently, and they had not. My twenty-year-old daughter still beat me by three minutes, though!)

In late October, I weighed 124 pounds. I never thought that I would see this number again! Today, I weigh 118 pounds. I am 5’2”. I’m happy with my progress, but I can still tell that a bit more weight needs to come off. I have a “Fit Index” scale, which gives me all sorts of information concerning my body composition. I’m aiming to get my visceral fat number to a “3,” and it is now “4.” I don’t have too much longer to go.

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Last week, I decided to begin training for a 10k. Now, I don’t have the time to do this type of training but once a week or so, but I really want the 5k distance to become “easier” for me. Wouldn’t that be lovely? My plan is to sign up for a 5k four times a year or so, to keep me motivated. There is a fun 5k in my county set for April, and I’m looking forward to participating in it.

My husband has also started using a “Couch to 5k” app on his phone this week! Ah, I’m so excited about this! If he follows through, it will be so nice to have him as a running partner. He has been losing weight, too. He has probably lost 45 pounds or so in the last six months. We eat a lot of the same things, with the exception that he eats meat, and I eat carbs.

My plan is to get more serious about eating foods on my chosen meal plan this month than I did in November. I try to stick to as much of a vegan diet as I can, with a few small exceptions. Thanksgiving week, I threw that rule out the window, and I ate several items made with heavy cream and lots of sugar. I made sure to eat smaller portion sizes, but I still broke the food rules I have been trying to follow. I did think about this before hand, and decided to give myself grace for the week. Now it is time to jump back on my meal plan. I try to follow the “Daily Dozen” diet as closely as possible from the book “How Not to Die.”

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So here’s to a fit and healthy December! I hope to share my numbers with you again in another month or so.

Blessings, ladies. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families.

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