Modest Monday | Purple, Orange, and Brown

The day is crisp and cool, but lovely, none the less. Today’s agenda is a quiet day at home, until it is time for us to take care of our weekly grocery shopping, that is. I had that in mind when I got dressed this morning. Otherwise, to be perfectly honest, I might still be in my pajamas!

Today I really enjoyed spending a few moments outside, taking in our land, and thinking about possible goals for the future. This morning, my husband and I made our second attempt to contact the owner of the land bordering ours by mail. After doing a bit of researching, we realized that our five acre parcel used to be a part of a 15 acre parcel. Once the owner was widowed, she sold the house and five acres and kept the rest. We are hoping so badly that she might consider selling the remaining ten acres to us. Of course, the land is not for sale, and our last letter was returned to us. But I am definitely still holding out hope.

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This skirt gives off kind of a bohemian vibe, and I love it! Today I pieced together this thrifted skirt with a few other pieces that I’ve owned awhile.

What I Wore:

Top – Kohl’s (This is probably from ten years ago!)

Cardigan – Thrifted

Skirt – Thrifted

Headwrap – Amazon

The shirt is kind of low cut, so I wore it backwards! This is a trick that I use from time to time. The headwrap is actually quite long, and I folded it over to create more of a headband.

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I hope you are enjoying your day, friends! We are having a good one so far. Any day that I spend with my family is a good one. This doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, or goes according to plan. But I’ve lived long enough to realize just how blessed each and every day with my kiddos is. Babies don’t keep.

I will be back tomorrow with a weight loss update. I am almost to my goal weight! I hope to see you there.

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  1. In the Midst of Blessings says:

    I love it. The purple and brown go especially well with the orange. I also posted a Modest Monday post to share. Glad you are having a great Monday!

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