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I walked into my closet, and a feeling of dread crept into my chest. Oh, there were so many things, and all in disarray. So many sizes spread across the shelves. Things I hadn’t worn in years. For someone who likes the idea of a more simple, peaceful existence, my closet was anything but that.

Can you relate? It seems like it is incredibly easy to accumulate clothing, and when you multiply that into a large family as well, it creates a big problem.

Before long, I hope to no longer step into my closet with dread. In full disclosure, my closet is also a catch all for all kinds of things as we slowly work on renovating our house. I also share it with two of my children. It can get quite messy. But I do have a plan.

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First of all, I am going to look through my things, and pack up items that are either too large or too small. While some people might suggest donating such things, I plan to put them up in my basement. I do not want to spend more money on clothing if my size changes! Now, we do have a basement with lots of storage space, and if I didn’t have that, I would definitely consider donating the additional items.

I am going to sort them according to size, and place them in storage totes. I also will need to remember to label the outside of the containers, so I won’t forget what is inside!

At the same time, I will toss very worn items, and put items that I know I absolutely will never wear again into a donate pile.

Next, I plan on organizing the items in my closet by type. I will have a place for sweaters, long sleeved tops, short sleeved tops, skirts, dresses, and workout wear. If I’m feeling very ambitious, I might even color coordinate!

Some people love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, and I definitely see the appeal. How nice it would be to only have a few choices of clothing to wear each day. It might be wise to color coordinate your items, or at least own a few basic sweaters, tops, and bottoms that will easily match most of what you own. This would definitely be a way to simplify your wardrobe.

When I feel the need to simplify the clothing I own, I also like to look at some of the plain religious groups in our area for encouragement. It’s really good to remember that our adornment isn’t merely external, but instead, is also the hidden person of the heart. If we are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing we own, we should simplify. It really doesn’t matter how much, or what type of clothing we own. We should kick that feeling of overwhelm to the curb if we can!

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While I do like to share outfit choices here on Monday, please remember what we wear doesn’t need to be trendy or fancy. Many times, my clothing is neither! I try to wear comfortable things that work well with my lifestyle here on our small homestead. You definitely can make your clothing work for you, too.

I hope you have a blessed day, friends. Please, if you have any tips when it comes to clothing, please share them in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Living Tips | Simplifying Your Wardrobe

  1. Regina says:

    I need to go through my dresses. I make my own dresses and jumpers now. Some of the ones I have were made by other sisters in the Lord but some are starting to wear out and will probably become fabric straps for me to practice sewing.

  2. Laurie says:

    This is something I also need to do—over and over.
    I’m not so much of one to buy new things every season, so my clothes build up. And my size hasn’t changed since high school, so I end up with a lot of clothes. I need to weed through, though. Someday I will get to that. One project at a time.
    Sometimes I sort through my stuff and set aside stuff to give away. If I don’t give it away soon, sometimes I end up picking out clothes from that bag and wearing them again!

    Crazy, huh?

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