When Motherhood is Hard | Facing Rejection

Motherhood. God has put this task before me, and sometimes I am overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. The Lord has shown me the goodness and blessings that come along with being a mother, but what happens if I get it wrong?

It’s the Sabbath Day, and I have been enjoying my new issue of Above Rubies this week. It really was the perfect timing for it to arrive in my mailbox. I am so grateful for it. Through the years, this free magazine has been used by the Lord to encourage and strengthen me. If you do not already subscribe, I recommend it!

You see, over the past year and a half, I have faced complete rejection by one of my children. It has been the most heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, experience I’ve ever encountered.

And I’ve questioned everything. How can anything I’ve done be right if this is the outcome? Am I actually a godly mother? Have I walked out my calling well? Oh no, the rest of my children are doomed with me as a mother! Should I even write on a blog? What do I think I’m doing? Any advice that I give is surely wrong!

Goodness, I’ve experienced a huge range of emotions. It has been a very tough time.

While I have been encouraged by the fact that even God’s people rejected Him (if the Lord’s children rejected Him, who am I to think that my children will not reject me?), my heart is still broken.

My husband has told me over and over again that he wouldn’t change a thing about me. I’m so thankful for his encouragement, but it hasn’t brought me out of my slump.

For over a year now, I have continued to do what I can to mother my children well, but my spark was gone. The purpose that I so firmly believed in felt lost.

All of my hopes of legacy…gone.

These feelings have ebbed and flowed, but they came crashing back big time this week.

And while it was hard when I opened the pages of Above Rubies this week, it was just what I needed.

Despite what my adult children might decide to do with their lives…despite if they wish to speak to me or not…my calling is to trust in God, and to put every fiber of my being into being a wife and mother.

This is what He has put before me…and it is a good and holy task.

I can’t continue to focus on the outcome. Instead, I must focus on the input!

I need to give my career of motherhood my absolute all, because it is what God has called me to do!

“Every mother loves her children but not every mother loves motherhood! It is only when you embrace your career of motherhood that you will live in the glory and joy of it.”

-Nancy Campbell

Friends, I want to live in glory and joy! I’m sure that you do, too. The Lord has such good plans in store for us.

While I’m sure there will still be “mourning times” for me, it is time to move on to God’s best for my life.

This includes a glorious, joyous, mothering experience.

When we take a stand for what we believe is right, sometimes we will experience friction. While friction can feel devastating, we need to continue to stand for God’s Ways.

His Ways are good, perfect, and holy. We will be protected and covered when we walk in them.

Day by day, I’m learning that my purpose and calling are greater than myself. And I’m so grateful for the life He has given me.

And don’t worry. I’m still holding out hope for reconciliation and healing!

Friends, let’s continue to follow Him and embrace our calling of motherhood. Even in the tough times. He will hold us fast.

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When I fear my faith will fail,
Christ will hold me fast;
When the tempter would prevail,
He can hold me fast!

He will hold me fast,
He will hold me fast;
For my Savior loves me so,
He will hold me fast.

I could never keep my hold,
He must hold me fast;
For my love is often cold,
He must hold me fast.

I am precious in His sight,
He will hold me fast;
Those He saves are His delight,
He will hold me fast.

He’ll not let my soul be lost,
Christ will hold me fast;
Bought by Him at such a cost,
He will hold me fast.

15 thoughts on “When Motherhood is Hard | Facing Rejection

  1. Nicole says:


    I will be praying for you. We are facing the same thing with our 19 year of daughter who went to college this year. We do not pay for their college, so this is her choice. Some of the choices she is currently making are against what we believe and taught. She is balking our religious practices and it hurts so badly. She is our oldest, so it’s like being a new parent all over again. We have four younger than her so I understand what you are saying in that you hope you are doing right by the others. Please know you will be in my prayers.

    Nicole from

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole. I will be praying for you as well. I now firmly believe that the hardest part of parenting is learning how to navigate adulthood! I now have three children over the age of 18, and learning boundaries while still being the parent is hard. I’m so grateful for my children, though. They are amazing! But I simply cannot condone bad choices…if I did, I feel like I would be doing more harm then good. While it can feel so hard, I know I must choose my faith in God over everything else. My rubber has met the road.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Ladies, it seems this is a time for similar situations to unite.

    (Nicole in GA, I sent you an email. I don’t mind if you post it here, but it was kind of long).

    Reading what the two of you have written makes me feel not so much alone.

    Our oldest (18 yo son) is in the same boat. Navigating the waters of more freedom, and finding out that there is a whole world out there that we have shielded him from. A delightful world to him, dangerous to us.

    The values we’ve brought him up with he feels are unnecessary to him. He’s invincible, and we are simply wrong. He’s not a total rebel, just going through the time where he’s learning more of what the world says, and less of what we have said.

    It is challenging, heartbreaking, and stressful. Yet, I continue to try to show him love, and to guide him. His dad pretty much says that since he’s rejecting us, he’s made his choice, but I’m not so sure…. I feel like he may come around again. The Lord is certainly faithful, even when we waver.
    So, let’s hold each other up in prayer for our almost-adult children. God has not let them go. Let’s resolve to be more like Jesus to them. They see us as we are—imperfect. But praise the Lord he still takes old lumpy clay and molds us—parents AND kids! Let’s stay faithful for our younger kids and husbands!

    From one lump of clay to another,

  3. Sunshine says:

    Please let me know if you receive it. I really wish I’d saved a copy. If you find it will you please email me a copy? Just something I want to keep and maybe expand on.

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