February No Spend Challenge Printable Sheets are Now Available

Have any of you been working through a January No Spend Challenge? I have! It’s been both fun and challenging to try to spend as little money as possible this month. I’ve done pretty good, though. At the end of December, I told myself, “Do not spend any money in January!”

So most likely, I will not be participating in a February No Spend Challenge, but I wanted to create some challenge sheets for you, in case you did! Included in this printable pack are two February No Spend Challenge Templates for you to fill in, one for a 28 day month, and one for a 29 day month. Each day that you do not spend any money except for necessities, fill in a heart!

These are available for purchase in our Printable Shop for $1.00 here.

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February is a good month to try a No Spend Challenge for the first time, because it’s so short!

No Spend Challenges are great, because they can really help propel you forward with your financial goals.

I hope you have a wonderful day, friends. If you have any questions about these Printable Sheets, please just let me know!

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