A Homemaker’s Day | January 26, 2022

It’s a cozy winter day, and I’ve been in the kitchen prepping chili. I’ve been contemplating ways to live slower and more intentionally. I’ve spent time homeschooling my little ones, and writing a grocery list. Such is the life of a homemaker, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Today I would like to share a bit of my day with you. I hope that you remember that there is beauty in the mundane, everyday. God’s fingerprints can be seen in all that we do for our families, friends.

I started off the day with the bright sun streaming through my windows. I can definitely tell that the days are getting longer. Hooray! I’ve enjoyed the winter season so far, but spring is exciting for a wanna be homesteader like myself.

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I slipped out of bed, and got ready to jog. I currently jog every other day, and I enjoy it so much. Sure, sometimes it’s hard, especially if I haven’t fueled my body appropriately. But, I can tell a huge difference in my days when I exercise. My mind is clearer, and I have more energy. Definitely important things for a mama like me! My younger daughters came outside with me to jog and ride their bicycles. I’m glad that I now have the energy to do such things with them.

After jogging, I showered, and then prepped dinner. Tonight is chili night, which is a super easy thing to throw together. When I walked into our basement to grab a few canned goods, I checked on my flower seeds which are currently under grow lights. No germination yet, but hopefully soon!

After getting dinner in the crock pot, I began homeschooling my little guys. It went pretty well. We have a good rhythm going by this point in the year. Handwriting, science, language arts, social studies is how we do things. We throw in read alouds as well. We love to go through the Miller series when I don’t have anything else planned.

After homeschooling, we put together a quick lunch. Peanut butter sandwiches with apple slices for my little ones, and Asian dumplings with a salad for me. Super yummy. We usually opt for a super easy lunch, and then eat a more involved dinner.

Now it was time to work on a couple of Etsy orders. Etsy has been such a fun part of my life for well, fourteen years now. I worked on custom hand towels. a Pooh outfit, and a Puppy outfit today. At the same time, I listened to a lecture about botanical names for the Aromatherapy course I’m currently taking. Multitasking at it’s finest.

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After that, I put my youngest son down for his nap, and started working on our shopping list. Soon, it will be time to head to the grocery store once my husband arrives home from work.

It’s been a busy and productive day. I’m so grateful to be a keeper at home!

I hope you have had a lovely day as well. The Lord is so good, isn’t He? He helped me to learn to appreciate how wonderful taking care of my family and home really is.

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Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel,
From everlasting even to everlasting.
And let all the people say, “Amen.”
Praise the Lord!

Psalm 106:48

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