Modest Monday | Visiting the Snow Capped Mountains

Hello, and a breezy day to you! Today was windy, cold, and an all around good day to hunker down indoors. Oh, was I freezing when I stepped outside to snap this picture.

Today was another “date day” for my husband and myself, which I always look forward to. It is nice to spend time together, and to have uninterrupted discussion from time to time. I always return home refreshed and ready to take on the week!

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We drove to our favorite Mexican restaurant, and then started talking about the snow-capped mountains I had been admiring the whole way.

“Do you want to drive to the top of the mountain? The road should be cleared. It is a state highway.”

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of my husband’s suggestion sooner, and jumped on it! Friends, it was like we entered another world! The snow on all of the trees was so beautiful.

Walking around on the top of the mountain made me feel so close to God. It is amazing to think that our amazing Creator cares so much about little old me. He is so majestic and awe inspiring!

When we were up in the freezing temperatures, I was bundled up with a jacket and hat. It was nearly fifteen degrees cooler than in town.

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After we winded our way back down the mountain, we went shopping for Valentine’s Day things, and I picked up a couple of new indoor plants. One of them being a sago palm! Sago palms remind me so much about our time in South Carolina, since two of them flanked our porch.

What I Wore:

Pink Top – Burke’s Outlet

Floral Skirt – eBay

Undershirt – Walmart

Shoes – Shoe Dept.

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2 thoughts on “Modest Monday | Visiting the Snow Capped Mountains

  1. Kat says:

    Lovely outfit! I am curious, did you have a change of conviction about head coverings? I know you often used to wear them in photos.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you, Kat! My conviction has been that the Scriptures instruct that we wear head coverings while assembling together. I also find that I tend to wear them more often during my seasons of deepest prayer. I also wear them when reading the Bible to my children.❤️

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