Persuaded into the Wilderness

“Therefore, behold, I am going to persuade her,

Bring her into the wilderness,

And speak kindly to her.

Then I will give her her vineyards from there,

And the Valley of Achor as a door of hope.

And she will respond there as in the days of her youth,

As in the day when she went up from the land of Egypt.

And it will come about on that day,” declares the Lord,

“That you will call Me my husband

And no longer call Me my Baal.”

Hosea 2:14-16

Hello, and Happy Sabbath. It has been quite a week at my home. My children began their group violin lessons after a long break, and of course they brought home a sickness. That’s how it usually goes, right? It seems like most everyone is pushing through and is well on the way to recovery. Praise God!

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Today I’d like to take a few moments to talk about how much the Lord loves us, and pursues us, even in our sinfulness. Knowing this makes me want to serve Him and devote my life to Him all the more.

Hosea is quite an amazing story. The Lord asked Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman as an analogy of His unending love towards His people. This is a prophesy of God’s love for us.

I am so deeply moved by this book. Once I pursued my own passions, interests and plans. The things I did were not aligned with God’s plans with my life. At all.

I was consumed by the culture of the world, and by the culture of the “church.” I attended many churches where sin was winked at in my younger years.

And yet…God loved me. All of me. Even in my unfaithfulness, he pursued me.

Friends, he brought me into the wilderness. I am nearly in tears just thinking about it!

The Scriptures are so good, and are so relevant. All of them! Just as was prophesied in Hosea, the Lord wants to persuade us into the wilderness. Away from the worldly culture, and into His goodness.

He wants to bring us healing, and to remove any false gods among us.

He has brought me to a small acreage out in the country to pursue the old paths. His Way. I am learning so much about both His nature and “His nature,” or the natural wonders that He created. I’ve also figured out that yes, I am part of nature, too. Humans thrive when they take care of and work with creation to meet their needs, instead of relying on man-made things that eventually lead to death.

It has been such a sweet and good time!

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If we continue to move through these verses we can see that despite our unfaithfulness, God wishes to comfort us…to speak kindly to us. He wants to be our husband.

Even in our unfaithfulness.

What an amazing and great God we serve! And what a beautiful husband we have…Jesus (Yeshua).

I hope you are encouraged today, friends. We can come out of the culture of death that surrounds us, and into life. What a blessing, indeed.

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