Creating a Safe Haven from the World

One of the jobs of a homemaker is to create a place of safety for our families. A place where they can truly be at rest, and where they are free to grow into the individuals God has created them to be.

Friends, I must admit that as time goes on, I’m more and more cautious about what I expose myself to…and what I expose my family to. I grow weary when I go out into public most often. Perhaps it’s the still small voice of God, which does not dwell with wickedness.

Accordingly, I have found myself going to large towns less and less, and finding ways to streamline our visits. I do what I can to stick to small towns and more natural areas when we do venture out to run errands. I also try to plan visits to museums and such at off-peak times. I want my children to experience cultural and learning experiences, but I do not want them exposed to wickedness in the process.

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I’ve decided that I would like to create a safe haven from the world, right in our home. Not only do I want it to be safe, I want it to be glorious! I want to provide beautiful experiences for my children right here on our property.

I feel like the woman of old must have due to necessity. In generations past, I’ve heard of strong homemakers who have given their children amazing experiences without much money. All they needed was a little ingenuity!

While I have grand plans of expanding our small farm and creating nature areas for the family to enjoy on our land, for now, I am working on adding new books to our library, and creating an organization system to make our home a more enjoyable place to work and play in.

This weekend, we purchased two new pieces of furniture to add to our home. One was a beautiful old china cabinet that I found at an antique store. It will store needed household items, which will make our home feel less cluttered. I also added a couch to our “dining room.” I have been planning to do this for 1.5 years now, and I’m so glad that I finally accomplished this small goal. Now we will have a comfortable place to sit in our homeschooling area, and when some are eating, and some are not. It’s a small thing, but I hope it will help facilitate more conversations, and family togetherness.

In the near future, I hope for the younger children to join me to in putting in a garden. They all have their own garden spaces, and they really like digging in the dirt!

We hope to put in a small “campsite” on our property. This would be so much fun them all to enjoy. I also hope to add a small playhouse to be a nature center for them. Our children love exploring our woods, and always bring home treasures. This would be the perfect place to house them!

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As a mother and homemaker, I want to give my children such a rich experience in our home. Hopefully, they will have lovely memories that they will want to pass onto their own children one day.

I want our family culture to exceed the world’s culture. With the Lord’s help, I hope to create a lovely (and safe) place for them to enjoy.

Friends, we can give our families a good place to grow and learn, right in the safety of our homes. What a blessing!

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