Modest Monday | Plaid with Brown Skirt

What a lovely day to be at home. Today my husband was not working, so he and my son got so many small jobs completed around the house. They built a gate, burned down our brush pile, put the finishing touches on our new building, and put in stepping stones in front of my garden gate. It was an exciting day!

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The weather was nice, so our younger children and I joined them outside for awhile. I pulled weeds and cleaned out a few garden beds that needed attention. My children had so much fun in the sunshine, and we even fit in some homeschool work!

I wore a pretty standard outfit today. It was comfortable, and offered just enough warmth for a nice winter’s day in Georgia. Oh, and as a side note, I officially reached my goal weight in early February. I feel fantastic, and am so happy that I decided that my health was important enough to make some changes. My children need to have a good role model if I would like for them to make healthy choices, too.

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What I Wore:

Plaid Shirt – Tractor Supply (on sale for $5.00!)

Undershirt – Cato

Skirt – Thrifted

We would like to build a garage/barn in the area where I’m standing within the next two years or so. It is so exciting to see this place come together, little by little.

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