Homemakers Shouldn’t Be Scared of What We Cannot Control – A Response to the Ukrainian Conflict

Good morning, friends. This week I have spent some time gathering my thoughts and praying about the Ukrainian Conflict that is unfolding right before our eyes. My heart is broken for the people of Ukraine right now. I can’t even imagine what life must feel like for them at the moment.

I’m a homemaker and a stay-at-home mom in a different part of the world. I believe my job is to stay at my post, and to do what I can to strengthen my little corner of the world right here inside of my home. But I can’t help but feel restless, like I could be doing more to fight the injustices I see in the world around me.

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I’ve realized that I would like to feel a sense of control over something that I surely can have no control over. I think this desire stems both from the sin that originated in the garden, and also less than stellar childhood experiences that I experienced.

Let me explain.

One of the curses put on Eve in the garden was that “her desire would be for her husband, but he would rule over her.” (Genesis 3:16) This means that she would desire control, but that control has been given to her husband instead. This was a decision made by God that we need to respect as women.

Secondly, I’ve realized that our childhood experiences dictate how we handle adulthood as of late. With the Lord’s help, I am doing some hard work within myself to get rid of my desire to control things that simply are outside of my given realm. When we experience hardship in childhood, our response can be to internalize that we must depend on ourselves to control what we face. This can subconsciously affect the rest of our lives.

I’ve realized that being in control isn’t a feminine trait. It is not becoming to rail on social media about how to stop injustices. It is also not becoming to overstep our bounds and try to lead when men should be the ones to step up.

That being said, I am taking my restlessness to the Lord, and asking Him to give me His peace.

There is nothing I can or should do to control the situation at hand. I needn’t be scared.

The Lord holds the whole world in His hands. This includes you and I.

Instead of becoming fearful, we should keep our minds focused on the work to do in our homes. This is kingdom-building work, and is so very important.

We need to rest in the providence of God, trusting that he will give true leaders who have control over the situation knowledge and guidance.

This can be hard for me, because I do not have much trust in many of the men involved. But God knows. And even if the Ukrainian Conflict does not end well in my mind, I know that the Lord has a purpose in even this.

We need to pray for all of those involved. The Lord hears. The Lord knows. Prayer can be a practical way to help!

I hope you are encouraged today. Let’s stay at our posts and let the light of God shine through us and into our homes.

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