Modest Monday | March Errands to Town

It’s another blustery day around here. We’ve been having a lot of those lately! I honestly do not remember this area being as windy as it has been in late winter in all of my life. I grew up an hour or two south of here, so maybe that is the difference.

Today I’m sharing an outfit that I wore to my children’s violin and guitar lessons. And boy, was it cold! I thought about wearing this dress without the sweater, but changed my mind the second I stepped outside. I had jogged earlier in the day, and the temperature is deceiving when you are working out. It can feel downright warm when you are sweating.

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Before leaving, we worked though a couple of our homeschool lessons. Thankfully, the house was in pretty good shape due to a cleaning session the day before.

What I Wore:

Dress: Sonoma Brand found at Hamrick’s

Sweater: Gifted to me

Shoes: Shoe Dept.

I was really excited to find this dress for under $13.00 at the discount department store, Hamrick’s. I didn’t have as much luck finding items on my second trip there, but was able to find a few inexpensive finds. The dress is short sleeved, which will be perfect for spring.

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While my children were in their classes I ate lunch with my littles and wrote a blog post. One of my older daughters was able to relieve me halfway through which was such a blessing. It is a long day in the car for my youngest two otherwise.

I never learned how to play an instrument while growing up, and I wish I would have. Most of my children enjoy it a lot. My oldest son has taught himself how to play several instruments, after taking a couple of years of guitar lessons. He enjoys putting together videos of his playing on YouTube, and I though I would share one of his latest ones below:

And here is a video of my daughter, Morgan. She really enjoys playing the fiddle! Mason is playing the background guitar in this one.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, friends. Be encouraged as you run your children to lessons, work inside your home, or anything in between. The Lord is near and sees you as you work unto Him. The profession of homemaker is truly a high calling!

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