Our Homeschool Field Trip to the Science Museum

My family recently visited a local science museum, and it was so much fun! One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the flexibility involved. It is so nice to be able to pick up and go whenever we like.

Such was the case when we visited a museum not too long ago. It was a Monday, which is my husband’s off day. Our youngest son has recently become fascinated with dinosaurs, and I mentioned that we should take him to a nearby science museum sometime. My husband said, “Why not today?” We decided to work through our planned homeschool day as quickly as possible, and then head out.

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We arrived at the museum around 2:30, which was perfect. It usually takes us 1.5 hours to walk through, and then we planned to stop at a Mexican restaurant on the way home. What a fun day!

Our children were excited to be there, since we hadn’t visited in nearly two years. And was Moses thrilled, or what? I don’t think he realized that there was a place where he could see life-sized dinosaur bones!

We started off in the mineral gallery, which is my favorite exhibit. I think rocks and stones are fascinating. The kiddos had a good time finding their birthstones, and I particularly enjoyed looking at a huge amethyst.

We then headed to the fossil gallery, which was the middle exhibit. Boy, was Moses excited! We walked really slowly, so he could take it all in.

Afterwards, we took in the classic car and space exhibit. They both resided in the same exhibit hall. Of course, Moses was asking to go see the dinosaurs again! We promised to take him back after we stopped by the cafe.

We were surprised when we arrived at the museum to discover that everyone was served hot chocolate and ice cream that day. So we were sure to stop in and enjoy our free gift.

(My girls enjoying their hot chocolate. I had to snap a photo of their cute, messy faces!)

With full tummies, we headed back to the fossil gallery. We walked through a little faster this time, but my son was very content to see his beloved dinosaurs again.

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It was such a fun day. While staying at home is my jam, I love to see the wonder on my children’s faces when they encounter new experiences. Homeschooling is wonderful in that way. I am there when each and every light bulb goes off in their heads. I don’t have to miss a moment!

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