Modest Monday | A March Homeschool Day

March is in full swing. Apparently I’m in that “in between” period when I’m not sure to wear short sleeves or warm boots!

Welcome to my blog today, friends. It was a good day to stay at home. Gas prices have me a bit worried. I am doing my best to figure out ways to keep my family at home more often. We already have made plans for the next two weekends, but I am definitely doing what I can to keep our weekday outings to a minimum.

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Today I spent the majority of my time homeschooling my little guys. We are finishing books and adding new ones. I spend the most one-on-one time with my first grader at the moment. She has finished her Christian Light Education Learning to Read curriculum, and now we are diving into Reading 1. I’ve also added a Sylvan Math 2 workbook to give her a bit of a boost. We have almost finished Masterbooks Math 1, and while I enjoy the Charlotte Mason format, it has simply been too basic in my opinion. She has finished her language arts and CLE Social Studies curriculum as well. The end is in sight!

What I Wore:

Top – Hamrick’s

Skirt – Thrifted

Boots – Cabela’s

Headband – Amazon

I added a sweater later in the day because it was becoming chilly. You will find me wearing a sweater indoors, even in the summer. I am rather cold natured!

I really enjoy wearing my skirts and dresses. It is nice to feel feminine!

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