Simplicity in March | Lovely Spring

Oh, what a lovely time spring is. This season is such a beautiful time. All of creation wakes up, and gives us a glimpse anew of the goodness of God.

I’ve made it my goal to embrace the simplicity and goodness of the life the Lord has given me. Each morning, I want to walk in my calling well. I hope to show my family that we can be good stewards of what the Lord has given us, and do it to the fullest of our ability.

My favorite times are when we gather as a family. Especially when we talk about the Lord. Lately, we seem to gravitate to the outdoors. I can’t help but feel close to God when we are near all that He has made.

The conversations have been sweet. My seven and nine-year-old girls are especially prone to seek me out in the quiet of the garden.

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I hope that I am teaching them well, and being an example that they would like to follow. I want them to see the wonder present in the world around us. We do not need to continuously seek to be entertained by movies, video games, and the like to have a rich family experience.

I want us to enjoy listening to the frogs croaking in the distance while wild birds chirp overhead. I want us to enjoy our vegetables, our flowers, and our animals. The bees are starting to arrive to enjoy flowers like clover. They are a joy to watch! I want us to enjoy the Bible as we sit down at the table together as a family.

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What if we clung to what was good, and realized that simplicity can open the door to blessings unspeakable? I have come a long way over the past few years. I now understand that when we embrace regular, everyday things, they have the capability to become extraordinary. Looking at life through fresh eyes has made me realize that I have missed so much of the Lord’s goodness over the years since I was always seeking the “next big thing.” But friends, the big things were the little things right under my nose. They were there the whole time.

I would like to encourage you to look at each and every thing in your life as a miracle. Because it is. Let’s take nothing for granted. Spring is a precious time to thank the Lord for His goodness!

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