Waiting on the Lord and His Timing

Oh, it’s been such a good day. We’ve worked through a few school things, and I up-potted about half of my tomato plants. Unfortunately, they have started to wilt. I think it might be the potting soil I used. I’ve watered them throughly, and hopefully they will bounce back.

While life has been good, I’ve found myself wondering about the future a lot lately. When I do, I usually wish that I would leave well enough alone and concentrate on the blessings in front of me. We are not given a glimpse into the future for a reason. I believe that the Lord wants us to stay fully in the present, and tend to the things He has given us.

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The Lord’s timing is always right. I can know that all will work out and be well as long as I’m trusting in Him.

We have been hoping to expand our land, and one day give some of it to our children. If you have looked at real estate lately, you probably have realized that prices are very high right now. It can be discouraging.

We have done what we can to see if we can purchase the land adjacent to us, and have hit a dead end. We are now looking in the immediate area, and not much is available.

What is available is priced so high. We had been eyeing a piece of cut land that looked like it would come up for sale soon, and a week ago, it did. For $20,000 per acre! That is extremely high for our area, and it felt like another door has closed.

Psalm 27:14 – “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

But I know I need to wait on the Lord. His timing is perfect! I feel like He put the dream of owning land for our children in my heart, but maybe He didn’t.

If it isn’t to be so, it isn’t. And that will be okay, too.

While we are hoping and dreaming, I do feel like the Lord is leading us to be the best steward of our five acres that we possibly can be. We are really doing the best we can to take care of it and restore it.

It is such a lovely place with lots of potential, and I love it. Each time another project is completed, my heart sings.

I need to be thankful for all that I have when I wait. Because His timing is perfect.

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