Modest Monday | Visiting a Garden

Hello, friends! Today’s Modest Monday post comes to you from a beautiful garden a little south of our home. I’ve honestly lacked motivation to do modesty posts as often lately. I do hope to resume them soon, though. Not that I’m very fashionable, but I think it is important for those of us who value feminine modesty to know that we are not alone. Sometimes it definitely feels like we are! Even at this garden, I felt nearly alone in my clothing habits. Which is quite alright. But it is nice to connect with others online who feel the same way about this topic. 

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My daughter Morgan is nearly 16, so my husband and I took her to a garden to celebrate. She enjoys gardening just as much as I do. It is nice to have a daughter to share this hobby with!

The tulips were in full bloom, and were gorgeous! I used to always prefer daffodils to tulips, but I must admit they are definitely growing on me. I think I might plant some tulip bulbs in my garden this fall.

What I Wore:

Orange Sweater – Hamrick’s

Cream Sweater – Walmart

Denim Skirt – Cato

Leggings – Amazon

Black Shoes – Shoe Dept.

The day was fairly cool for April. I was bundled up! I am very cold-natured, though. We ended up staying at the garden for about an hour and a half. It was so nice to look at the tulips, hellebores, cherry trees, and azaleas.

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Afterwards, we went to a couple of garden centers. We were inspired, ha! My daughter picked out a few items for container, and I purchased salvia and coral bells to continue filling in the perennial garden I’m working on at the front of our home.

Overall, it was a lovely day. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend with your families, as well!

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