A Home Based Life

Happy Sabbath, friends. I hope you have a lovely day ahead of you. 

As I’m typing this, it is Friday. We have had a very busy day at violin lessons, which are an hour away from my home. While I love offering my children an education in music (which I myself cannot give them), being away from home all day is hard.

I’ve grown to love being home so much. My home isn’t picture perfect. If I could, there are things I would change. But over time, the Lord has given me a heart for our home.

This has been my prayer for quite a long time. I’ve wanted to love being home, and have yearned to be there more than anywhere else. There has been a stirring in my spirit that has told me that this is a good thing.

Of course, we shouldn’t cling to tightly to the things of the earth. That’s not quite what I’m talking about here. 

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I do think that we should view our homes as a sacred place to dwell with our families. A place to live and to love them well.

I think for most of time, this has been the case. But now, many women leave their homes each day. Not only do they leave them, some feel like they would be bored if they stayed at home all day long.

Friends, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many things to tend to inside of our homes. If we are finished with all of our normal chores, there is always something new to learn to make our homes a better place for those who live in them.

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Just a little over a century ago, automobiles were unheard of. Households relied on horses and the like to take them where they wanted to go. This in and of itself caused women to stay closer to home.

Lately, I have been really contemplating technology, and what it has meant for society as a whole. Honestly, I don’t think it does us much good. Professing to be wise, we have become as fools. While many technological advances may seem wonderful, what havoc they have wrecked on us. 

Almost everything we do in this modern age hurts the world God created in some way. We have created quite the mess.

My husband and I were talking about this the other day. I wondered if people would give up their gadgets, cars, and electricity if the survival of the planet depended on it. I don’t think they would. 

Instead of working towards creating electric cars and the like, perhaps we should do what we can to revert to a more simpler time. To a more home based life.

To do this there would be sacrifices. There would be no more hour-away violin lessons. We would have to focus on our homes, land, and what they could offer us. And we would need to lovingly tend to them in return.

This morning as I jogged down our driveway, the birds in our forest were almost deafening. It was glorious. They do not depend on anything but the Lord to care for them. They do not have electrical gadgets or a harried schedule away from their homes. And they are happy. They want to share their joy with others with their songs.

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Matthew 6:26 ESV

What a simple and beautiful way to live. I realized that I should take a lesson from them.

Let’s seek the Lord this week, and see just how much we can accomplish from our home base. It just might be more wonderful than we think.

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2 thoughts on “A Home Based Life

  1. Darlene says:

    Hello Nicole,
    I read your posts and enjoy them, but usually don’t take the time to comment. This post is spot on and I needed to comment. I agree with everything you wrote. I try to spend very little time online. I don’t have a smart phone. Technology has become like a God to so many people. They clutch their phones to them at all times. I wonder how much better their lives might be if they clutched a bible to their chests like that.
    We need to be aware of all things that can separate us from God’s presence. We do need to stay home and use that time to tend to what God has given us and strengthen our family. Spending more time in nature, which was created for us, is the perfect antidote to “being too much in the world”. I feel a simple life leaves more room for God. Thanks for the work you put in to all your posts.


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