April Blessings

April is nearing it’s end, and it has been a time of so many blessings. It is such a lovely time, full of newness of life!

I tend to be a worrier, and April has been no exception to this. One way I’ve combated this is by putting my phone down. There is no need to read each and every story put forth in the news. I believe this is not good for homemakers like us. We have enough to do in our own homes without bringing the world into our thoughts. I’m doing my best to focus on what’s in front of me each day.

Another way to combat worry is to count my blessings. The Lord is near, and we have nothing to fear. When we look at the blessings we’ve been given, it becomes easy to trust in Him.

We have been blessed with a beautiful and warm month. I’ve finished up my new perennial garden, and I can’t wait to see how it takes shape over the next few years. We purchased a few loads of mulch to help keep the plants watered, but I plan to keep a close eye on them anyway. At the moment, my favorite new plants are the Hellebores, but I know before long the Salvia and Black Eyed Susan will shine!

We’ve had a couple of birthdays in our family this month, which is always fun. One of my daughters turned sixteen. Her main present didn’t arrive in time, so I “made up” for it by purchasing a lot of sweets. Oh my, my children were on a sugar high for days! I made her a very chocolaty cake without even a hand mixer. This was a first for me! Our mixer was broken, so I used a spoon to mix the cake mix and make the icing. My wrists were sore for a day or two, ha! I figured if the women of old did it, than I could as well. The key was to let the (plant) butter reach room temperature before getting started. Everyone enjoyed it, and my husband declared it was the best chocolate cake he had ever tasted.

Another tremendous blessing was celebrating the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of Firstfruits. Our faith is Messianic in nature, and we celebrate the Biblical feasts rather than things like Christmas and Easter. It was so nice to remember the sacrifice and love of God in this way.

We have been blessed to work on several outdoor projects this month. Slowly, our little homestead is coming together. My herb garden area is starting to come together, and most of our vegetables will be going into the ground soon. This year, I am waiting until May to plant. I have been burned two years in a row by planting at our last estimated frost date. I hope our harvest will be more plentiful by waiting.

Our home school year is almost over! Ah, this is a huge blessing! While I love to teach my children, I anticipate a very busy summer. It will be nice to have a little break to focus on the garden. I will encourage daily reading time, and will look for local field trip opportunities throughout the summer. I also am planning and “end of the year” celebration for the first time in awhile. That should be fun.

I hope you have had many blessings this April too, friends. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. If you would like to learn about becoming a Member of Redeeming Home, please click here.

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