The Problem with Technology and Entertainment

As a mama, I want my children to have a better life than I did. I want them to have more opportunities than I did, and I want them to have a home life filled with peace and happiness.

I think most of us want this, don’t we? We want our future generations to achieve more than we have.

As a whole, I’m pretty sure that society wants to “evolve” as well. Looking back through history, it looks like we have. I mean, look at all of the technological advancements at our fingertips!

But things aren’t always what they seem. My husband I had an interesting conversation lately, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Instead of “evolving” through time, I think the human race has “devolved.” This affects everything we do, and has made me reevaluate the cultural activities my family participates in.

When God made the world, He made perfection. Human beings were in communion with Him.

And then sin entered the world and spoiled everything. From that point forward, death and decay began to happen.

Humans began to depend on themselves and their own intellect instead of on the Lord.

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They thought they knew what was best. They began to use the abilities God gave them to create and invent.

Eventually, they started to find “easier” ways to do things during the Industrial Revolution. Thinking they were smart, they polluted the Earth with their factories and such.

Technology began to advance more and more. And now, we all carry a computer in our pocket, with the ability to find an answer to every question we might ever have.

Is any of this good for us?

As a child, I devoured books and memorized all kinds of random facts. But now as an adult, I don’t need to do that anymore.

I simply turn to my phone if I have a question. If I need to remember the answer, I bookmark the page.

Easy, right?

It might be easy, but overtime I’ve realized this is not so good. To a large extent, I think I’ve lost my ability to retain information like I used to.

Besides the technology we carry in our pockets, our society is abnormally preoccupied by entertainment. The Industrial Revolution ushered in an era where hard work is usually optional. With all of this extra time on our hands, we fill it with amusement.

Amusement literally means “to not think.”

Gone are the days when children memorized books and poems for fun, and worked with their families when their studies were done.

We keep devolving. It can be downright discouraging when we think about what may come next.

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What can we do about this?

We must repent. Turn back.

We must stop using the internet as a crutch. We must start using our minds. If not, we will lose them.

As a homeschool mama, I know that there really isn’t anything better than holding a good, old fashioned book in your hands. It is so important to take the phones away, and replace them with books!

We must stop with the endless entertainment! Play can come after work is done. We also must be careful about the type of “play” we encourage in our families. Activities where we spend time with our families or learn new skills with our hands, like playing an instrument, are usually great choices.

Let’s not be content to devolve, friends.

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