Finishing Up Our Homeschool Year

Friends, I am so excited! Our homeschool year is almost finished!

While I love teaching my children at home, I also love getting a little break. But it’s kind of funny…I’m actually already dreaming and planning for our fall homeschool year!

My children have done well, and I’ve seen such growth in them. I learned a long time ago that each child learns differently, and their pace can vary, too. I’ve come a long way from my first years as a homeschool mom. I don’t sweat challenges along the way so much now. I’ve learned that over time my children will catch up if they are behind, and stressing about the matter usually causes more harm than good.

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My oldest student this year was a sophomore, and she did her work pretty much 100% independently. How nice! I’m trying to incorporate a lot of what she is interested in into her studies. Next year, I hope to put together an herbal course for her, since she loves learning about herbs. She possibly wants to become an herbalist once she graduates.

My sixth grader does not like to do “book work” very much at all. I’ve found MasterBooks to be a good fit for him since it is a little lighter than some curriculums. It also includes more projects, which suits him well. To supplement his studies, I try to purchase books about things that interests him, as well as building kits and the like. He also is taking both violin and guitar lessons, which I think is helpful for a child who would rather “do” than read and write.

My third and first graders are both good students who enjoy school work. My third grader sometimes doubts her abilities, but I think by the end of the year she has realized that she is capable of more than she thinks she is. My first grader is like a little sponge, and has a fantastic memory. Both have been a joy to teach this year.

My five-year-old has been working through Christian Light Education’s Kindergarten 2 curriculum this year, which I always use during our Pre-K year. She has grown leaps and bounds this year. She started off a little behind, but things are starting to click for her now. Oh, this makes me so happy!

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While I’m grateful that homeschooling is a right in this country, I don’t take for granted that it is also a privilege. I get to be my children’s teacher each year. How amazing is that?

I believe as a Christian mother, it is my duty to train my children up to the best of my ability. I couldn’t do that if I sourced the teaching of my children out to others for most of the day.

I am not perfect, but I believe that I am the best thing for my children. If you are a mother, you are the best thing for your children, too.

If there is something my children need to know that I’m not sure about, I either learn about it myself or find a good resource to teach them.

And there is nothing better for our children for them to see their happy and peaceful mother in their home each day. There is no better learning environment for them. None!

If you do not currently homeschool your children, I’d love to encourage you to give it a try this coming school year. I believe blessings will flow from it!

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2 thoughts on “Finishing Up Our Homeschool Year

  1. Dawn says:

    So happy to hear about another successful homeschool year! We too love Master Books. I love it’s Charlotte Mason approach! You’ve inspired me to try to find Mandolin lessons for my “do-er”! He would much rather be working with his hands too. Blessings from another large family homeschool mama ❤️ Enjoy your summer break!

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