Now is the Time to Get Out of Debt + Our Story

I don’t know about you, but one of the most important things that my family has done over the past five years is get out of debt! In 2016, the Lord put a burning desire to get out of debt and to grow our own food in my heart. I truly didn’t understand it. I just knew that He said “go,” and we were to do what we could to walk in obedience.

I shared a bit about this on my YouTube channel recently. You can click the link above if you’d like to watch. There is really so much more that I would like to share, and I’m not quite sure how to. Let’s just say that I feel deep in my bones that we need to prepare. For what? I’m not sure. But getting out of debt and learning to grow food are two huge steps in the right direction.

We had to be completely counter-cultural to get out of debt. We had to get rid of luxuries, and realize that the simple blessings from the Lord were the best things.

I will say that if the culture has normalized something like debt, it is a good indication that it is not good. Most of what our culture has normalized is terrible. It is a good idea to observe what the masses do, and then do the opposite.

Inflation is squeezing us like crazy right now, and being debt free is very helpful in times like these. Without the extra payments to worry about, our money can stretch a little further. With prices doubling or tripling in some instances, this helps.

If you would like to lessen your debt burden, I would suggest attacking your smallest debt with a vengeance! Once you’ve paid that debt off, use the money you were sending your first payment to your next smallest payment. This will help to build your momentum.

Friends, times are tough right now, and I hope my story encourages you. I know you can do this!

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