In Ground Garden Plans + Flowers Around Our Homestead

Garden planning is so much fun! I really enjoy putting all of my dreams and plans on a piece of paper. Then with the help of my husband and sons, they come to life!

While we actually have tilled and planted this space already (I knew I needed to get it in quickly!) I wanted to share this video with you all. I don’t have grand hopes for this space this year. I know that a lot of times, it takes years to really establish a garden.

The ground here is so rocky and clay-like. After my son cut the grass super short, we tilled it about four times, pulling grass roots and rocks to the side. We then tilled in 20 bags of compost, and picked more rocks. Then, we picked even more rocks. Do you see the pattern?

After that we top dressed it with 24 bags of compost as well as worm castings. And that’s all I’ve got for this year. The soil we started with was super poor, but I still have hope!

In this video I also shared a few of the flowers we have around our homestead right now. I hope it blesses you.

If you’ve ever put in a garden, I would love to hear about your experience!

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